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About the Position of President, Catholic Memorial High School

The President shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of Catholic Memorial High School of Waukesha, Inc (CMH).  This executive position will be an integral part in fostering the Catholic identity of CMH.  The President shall be directly accountable for the business and financial affairs of CMH including support for the CMH planning, Catholic identity, admissions, fund raising, marketing and public relations, alumni relations, financial planning and management, and support for the School.  The President shall demonstrate a vision and success in each of these areas.   The President shall oversee a leadership team and others who shall assist in the development of strategies and the successful execution of those strategies.
As our chief executive, the President shall hire the Leadership Team members, subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors.  The Leadership Team shall be accountable to the President and, through the President to the Board of Directors, to develop and apply the strategic plan and demonstrate a vision for and success in academics and curriculum, faculty development, campus ministry, extracurricular activity, school expenses, school operations, culture, social development, security, discipline and social standards. The President shall oversee the Leadership Team and work to support the advancement of the School's Mission, Vision, goals and strategies. The Leadership Team shall establish objectives and those objectives shall be reviewed jointly by the CMH Board and the President.

Opportunities and Challenges

At Catholic Memorial High School we educate students as individuals, intellectually and spiritually. We guide students to work to their highest God-given potential. We prepare them for postsecondary education and to become leaders who serve the Church and the world.

Catholic Memorial High School provides an education that equips students to live in the challenging world of the 21st century. In a framework for 21st century learning, our academic community has identified key outcomes and skills that will be needed in the future and provide a focus to the work and skills that are cultivated each day at CMH.

Accepting that "catholic" means "universal," as a Catholic faith community we take seriously our responsibility to be welcoming and hospitable to all, especially those new to Catholic Memorial. All clubs, extracurricular activities, and events open to the public are opportunities for members of the Catholic Memorial community to proudly witness to their Catholic faith and to demonstrate Caritas in Omnibus, "Charity in All Things."


Our Strategic Plan (Vision 2020) Contains Seven Essential Elements:

  1. Mission and Values - Clarity and true unity in mission and values will position CMH to weather any challenge that the future might hold.
  2. Students - CMH is and will forever be a Catholic, college-preparatory high school for every member of a family. Intended primarily for the families of the Catholic parishes of Waukesha County, we will be the best place for any family to send their sons and daughters so that they will become the best young men and women possible.
  3. Catholic Identity - It is our very name; it is more valuable than field houses, video studios, or any of the other things that public schools can build. While we will be unabashedly Catholic, CMH will be the place where non-Catholic families are welcome.
  4. Academics - CMH is committed to imparting integrated and critical thinking; solid knowledge of content; faith and reason side-by-side; and the ability to communicate what has been learned.
  5. Employees - Alongside our students and their families, CMH's faculty and staff are its greatest strength and asset. New faculty and staff members will need to be skilled, enthusiastic, and able to become integrated into the culture and ethos of CMH. Vision 2020 also puts in writing a commitment to be on par with our competitors in terms of salary and benefits.
  6. Facilities - Vision 2020 commits CMH to ambitious, yet prudent, improvements to the present facility including: utility and technology infrastructure, campus aesthetics, performance arts space, a single site for field sports and activity spaces, and a chapel dignified enough for the needs of a Catholic high school.
  7. Finances - Over the next ten years CMH will continue to improve its culture of philanthropy among all constituencies to serve the most significant facilities imperatives and to bolster the CMH endowment funds.



To qualify for serious consideration, you will need to be a practicing Catholic with passion for the mission and a genuine commitment to the unique power of the Catholic Memorial education experience. In addition, the board seeks candidates with the following qualities and qualifications:


  1. Strategic mindset with the ability to see ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies for CMH.
  2. Demonstrates a strong Catholic identify in every action taken.
  3. Makes connections and builds relations with both the internal CMH community and external partners with a focus on development.
  4. Instills trust, gaining the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.
  5. Builds partnerships by working collaboratively with others to meet CMH strategic objectives.
  6. Effectively builds formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization
  7. Develops and engages leadership team by creating a climate where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives.
  8. Strong verbal and written communication skills


As president, you will also need to be a high-profile leader with outstanding vision and entrepreneurial skills. In the President/Principal Leadership Model, a top priority for the president is to be an “institution builder” – someone who can lead and inspire high performance across the CMH community, especially concerning: admissions and enrollment management; fundraising and friend-raising; alumni, community, and family engagement; maintaining effective and professionally rewarding Board and community relations; raising the profile and value proposition of the school in the community; and enriching and sustaining the reputation and brand of the school;


The Board of Directors is also eager to welcome qualified candidates from a variety of mission-driven career platforms including: accomplished leaders from other independent or Catholic schools; higher education executives, especially those in public-facing roles such as external relations, advancement, and admissions, as well as student services, mission and ministry, and the freshman college experience; and other visionary leaders with passion for mission who may have experience leading Catholic foundations, associations, charities, or other for profit or non-profit organizations.



Additional Information

Start Date
Catholic Memorial High School - Waukesha (M50)
Job Category
Schools - Administrative/Principal
Employment Type
Full Time

To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically in one email and as separate documents (preferably PDFs) the following materials: • A cover letter expressing your interest in this particular position and aligning your skills and experiences with the leadership priorities summarized in this document • A current résumé with all appropriate dates • A one-page statement of educational or leadership philosophy and practice • A list of five (5) professional references with name, phone number, and email address of each. References will not be contacted until a serious mutual interest is established, and not without the candidate’s permission.
Contact Name
Human Resources
601 E College Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186
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