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Brew City Catholic Missionary Project

The Brew City Catholic Missionary Project calls, forms, and sends missionaries to the college campuses within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. These missionaries are recent college graduates who have a sincere desire to impact college campuses by proclaiming the Gospel to their peers.

A Different Kind of Mission Field...

What is the Missionary Project?

The Brew City Catholic Missionary Project calls, forms, and sends missionaries for the college campuses within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. These missionaries are recent college graduates who have a sincere desire to impact college campuses by proclaiming the Gospel to their peers.

Why Missionaries?

Brew City Catholic Missionaries have felt God’s call to devote a year of their life to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in an authentic way on the Archdiocese’s college campuses. Missionaries will receive weekly formation in Catholic discipleship to equip them to do what Christ calls all of us to do, “go, and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). They will spend time with students on campus, building relationships through outreach events, faith sharing small groups, and one-on-one discipleship mentoring, The student leaders they equip through this relational ministry will impact the future of our Church for years to come. Missionaries live together in dynamic Catholic community, growing together in their personal faith and Christian leadership. The high quality discipleship training and ministry formation they receive equips each missionary to impact the lives of thousands, both through their work on campus and for their lives beyond the mission year.

Why do we need to reach college students?

Could your faith survive college? According to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 30% of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing. Nearly 80% of those who became unaffiliated, left Catholicism by age 23. In college, many students find their belief in Christ and His Church is met with indifference or hostility by classmates and even some professors. Separation from familiar support systems can leave some feeling lonely and vulnerable to easily accessible temptations. In their search for meaning and purpose, our Missionary Project seeks to offer college students the true source of joy and happiness: Christ & His Church.

What methods do we use?


Large Group Outreach
Our large group outreach events help us reach college student by forming authentic relationships based on Christ and the Gospel.




Small Group Faith Sharing
Our missionaries are trained to facilitate small groups that introduce college students to Christ and help them grow the heart and habits of discipleship in our Catholic Church (personal prayer, Sacred Scripture, Sacraments, service to the least, community, and accountability in faith).



One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring
Each Brew City Catholic missionary meets regularly with various student leaders, typically from their small group, and mentors them in the basics of Catholic discipleship. Just as someone benefits from a personal trainer when trying to get in shape, this mentor relationship helps students grow in their faith and beginning to intentionally walk with Christ for the rest of their lives.



What is the long term impact of the Missionary Project?

The Missionary Project provides the Archdiocese’s campus ministry programs with more equipped men and women who are devoted to serving the mission of the Church on college campuses. Their time, efforts, conversations, and prayer will only help our Church reach more college students throughout the Archdiocese.

After their time ministering on college campuses, each missionary will be well equipped to continue living their faith and witnessing the love of Jesus Christ. This missionary opportunity will give them a sense of mission for the rest of their lives, which will impact the Church’s future vocations (priesthood, religious life, sacramental marriage, lay ministry) along with strengthening the life of our parishes. This formation will significantly impact every decision they make in the future, which will impact the Church, their local community, and our world.

How can you be part of the Missionary Project?

Missionary Prayer Team
Our missionaries are on the front lines in our secular culture. The need for individuals and communities praying for their ministry, outreach, and personal formation is the foundational element to the Brew City Catholic Mission Project. Please consider becoming a partner in prayer for our missionaries.

Missionary Support Team
A true missionary lives in dependence on God’s personal care. Because they devote their full time energies to the mission, they are dependent on the generosity of their support team for basic living expenses. Each Brew City Catholic Missionary invites others to be part of their mission support team through financial or in-kind gifts. This team is an integral part of the success of each missionary’s work. By joining the mission support team you will help transform the lives of countless college students. Please consider giving to our mission!

Become a Missionary!
Are you interested in being a missionary? Missionary life is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Each missionary receives high quality formation for their own personal spiritual growth, as well as training in methods and models of evangelization. They live in a dynamic Catholic community that seeks to know, love, and serve Christ. Please email Pete Burds at for more information. 

College Campus Ministry Contacts

Pete Burds
Campus and Young Adult Ministry - Director

Micah Pfundstein
Coordinator of Missionary Outreach

Tori Pohl
Program and Events Coordinator

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