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Technology in Faith Formation

Exploring the opportunties and challenges of technology.

New Technologies present both challenges and opportuniTIFF Committee at Workties for those engaged in ministries of faith formation.

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Competencies for Catechetical Leaders

What knowledge and abilities should today's youth minister or DRE have or acquire?  See our list of Technology Competencies for Parish Catechetical Leaders in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Use it as a guide for parish planning or professional development. 

Use the Technology Competencies Assessment Form, an assessment tool using the Technology Competencies for Catechetical Leaders.

Online Faith Formation Resources

Seeking videos, lesson plans, activities and other resources for your program?  Visit the Faith Formation Resources webpage. This "curated webpage" features links to free, vetted, age-appropriate resources.

Technology and Ministry Links

For church documents, articles on ministry and technology,and other resources related to new technologies, visit our TIFF Links Page.


Gigs, Geeks and God on Facebook

Facebook provides an avenue for sharing tips and insights on technology and faith formation.  Follow the Gigs, Geeks and God Facebook page.


TIFF Committee

Initiated in 2010, the Technology in Faith Formation Committee explores the challenges and opportunities posed by new technology and advises the Office of Catechesis  on policies and training.

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