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Gigs, Geeks and God: Workshops

January 9, 2020


Workshop A (10:30am)


33 tips and tricks for more productive computing:

Mark Barthel, Webmaster/Coordinator of Electronic Communication, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

No matter your skill level, this workshop will demonstrate some helpful tips to use when browsing the internet, working in a spreadsheet or simply typing up an email. We will cover basic keyboard shortcuts to more advanced functions.


Crisis Communication:

Amy Grau, Communications Director, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Back by popular demand! Amy Grau, the Communication Director at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, shares resources, best practices and assistance the archdiocese can provide parishes when a crisis situation arises.  While presenting this fall, many deanery representatives of parishes throughout the archdiocese mentioned the desire for their individual parishes to learn more about these resources directly. This workshop offers that opportunity, to learn more about how to handle crisis situations, as well as provide an understanding of the support that is available to them through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Crisis Team, who is ready to assist them in any way needed.


Digital Collaboration That Keeps You, Staff, Ministry Partners and Parishioners on the Same Page:

Corinna Ramsey, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Good Shepherd Catholic Church
Bryan Ramsey, Director of Youth Ministry, St. James Parish

We run retreats, mission trips, ministry events and meetings together often. See us plan and run stuff in real time with Google Docs, Forms & Sheets. We'll also suggest other apps to do similar things.


Finding Effective Faith Formation Resources Online:

Maureen Rotramel, Director of Youth Ministry, St. John XXIII

From videos to games to lesson plans how can we harness the power of the internet to help our faith formation sessions more engaging. Most of the resources are free or inexpensive. Bring your favorite resources to share!


Human Dignity and Technology:

Corrie Christiaansen, Associate Director of Student Ministries, St. Charles Parish, Hartland

This workshop will share how using technology, especially internet/social media, has both helped and hindered the ways people, especially youth, and how they view human dignity. It will include specific ways to promote human dignity by using technology.


Implementing Technology into the Worship Space:

Nicholas  Rogneby, Director of Operations, Metro Sound & Video

This workshop will give an attendees an introduction on how to implement technology into the worship space.  We will cover what types of technology are availabe such as cameras, digital audio, and projection.  We will also discuss ways to ensure that the addition of technology does not look gawdy and that everything works together cohesivily. There will be time for Q&As.


Screenagers- Impact on Screen Time and Social Media:

Dave Baudry, Associate Director of Child and Youth Ministry, St. John Vianney Parish

Ben Rogalla

See how technology impacts young people's development and the challenges of parenting and teaching.  Parents and teachers must compete with video games, texting and mobile devices.  We will be exploring -struggles over media using new ideas and best practices.


Workshop B (1:30pm)


Accompanying Youth in a Digital World:

Andrea  Chavez-Kopp, Director Of Advancement and Business Development, National Catholic Educational Association

Teens and tweens are living and interacting with the world through technology.  The research on the effects of technology on social and emotional development is mixed, but what impact can we have by looking at technology as a means for spiritual development as well?  This workshop will examine how and why to use technology as a place to meet young people where they are and share examples of how we can teach discernment and accompaniment through digital and social media.


Control how your parish or school appears in search results:

Mark Barthel, Webmaster/Coordinator of Electronic Communication, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Discover how easy it is to manage what appears in Google search results for your parish or school. Learn how to update content that Google and other search engines use to provide answers.


Designing Parish Websites for Mission

Caroline Harvey, Associate Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Seeks to provide ministry leaders with insight on designing websites and social media content to increase attendance/engagement at the parish. Topics include: depicting parish experience; content management; design elements.


MissionInsite: From Analysis to Action

Michele Savoie, Parishioner, Volunteer, St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish

This workshop will focus on turning data into action at your parish based on your findings from MissionInsite. The target audience includes proficient users of MissionInsite and the parish leadership who seek to make data-based decisions.


Presentations that Pop with Powerpoint:

Lisa Jachimiec, DRE, St. Leonard Catholic Church and School

Powerpoint can be a helpful tool when hosting a workshop, parent meeting, event or other program. Learn tips and tricks to better utilize the program features to give a presentation that POPS!


The How To's of a Parish App

Corinna Ramsey, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Are you considering whether a Parish App is for you? Do you have a Parish App but think you could utilize it differently? Come to this workshop to get an overview of the benefits, ideas on how to launch/relaunch or what you can do with your Parish App.


Video Creation - Apple & Google:

Kevin Reitman, Owner, Reitman Education Solutions

Want to create your own videos for your parish? Come to this session and learn easy ways to create videos on Apple devices (using iMovie) on Google Chrome (using WeVideo). We will have time for hands-on learning and be sure to bring your device!


Workshop C (3:30pm)


“eGiving - Drive to Technology”:

Jennifer Hurst, Midwest sales representative, Faith Direct

Jennifer will lead an interactive discussion on the value of online and mobile technology for today's parishoners & administrators.


10 Minutes To A Better Parish Website:

Matt Karge, Business Development Director, Northwoods
Katelyn Staaben, Digital Marketing Strategist, Northwoods

The Northwoods Digital Strategy team will evaluate submitted parish websites and present a live review and present ideas for improvement. Please submit your website and you may be selected for insights on how to make your website more effective.


Cybersecurity Linchpins

Thomas Freeman, Client Security Consultant, AIR Technology Services

Each staff member is a link in the chain of cybersecurity. But what foundations are you putting in place to support them? This session will discuss practical cybersecurity best practices to protect your team and avoid denial of insurance claims.


G-suite for Non-profits: the Basics:

Maureen Rotramel, Director of Youth Ministry, St. John XXIII

We will look at the basics of G-suite for non-profits (a Google tool) from getting it set up through Tech Soup (another great resource for parishes!) to basics of using various Google apps for productivity and collaboration.


Managing Ministers & Volunteers

Lisa Jachimiec, DRE, St. Leonard Catholic Church and School

With only so many hours in a day and so many different products available, how do you most efficiently manage scheduling ministers and volunteers?  Can one product do it all? Discover three (of many) different ways to manage volunteers and suggestions on what works best when.


Use Your Data to Engage Your Parishioners

Keith Alberts, Diocesan Relationship Manager, LPi

Every action your parishioner has is a data point. Every parish has multiple data points. What you do with that data can mean the difference in meeting your parish's annual budget. Join us to learn how leverage your data to foster parishioner engagement.


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