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Business Manager

Parish Ministry Responsibilities

  • Understands the overall parish mission and administers parish business operations in relation to it.
  • Participates in parish and Archdiocesan faith building programs and activities as directed by the Pastor.
  • Understands Catholic social teaching and applies it in relation to parish policies and procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all areas of responsibilities as required.


Financial Responsibilities

  • Maintains an accurate filing, record keeping and reporting system for all parish financial matters and supervises preparation of monthly, quarterly and year end reports for parish and Archdiocese as needed.
  • Monitors the collection, counting, recording and depositing of parish revenue from all sources.
  • Supervises or prepares all payroll matters, including benefits, administration and required tax filings.
  • Supervises or prepares all disbursements and administers a cash flow management system with purchasing and payment schedules clearly defined.
  • Assists the Finance Council who prepares, administers and reviews the budget process in collaboration with the Pastor. Assists the Finance Council in presenting the budget to the Pastoral Council for approval.
  • Serves as a helpful resource to parish organizations in all financial matters, from planning to audit.
  • Serves as a parish contact with financial institutions and the Archdiocese, in collaboration with the Trustee Treasurer.
  • Assists in the planning of financial stewardship and long range planning efforts.
  • Monitors the school tuition records and provides reports to the Pastor, Principal and School Families. Serves as contact for Parental Choice Auditor.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Oversees operation of parish office computers, duplicating equipment, and all other areas of technology (e.g. telephones, computers, fax machines).
  • Attends staff meetings, finance, and personnel meetings.  As needed, attends Pastoral Council meetings and     other committee meetings appropriate to the position.  Attends Archdiocesan meetings where appropriate for training and development.
  • Administers parish salary and benefit policies as directed by the Pastor and Personnel Committee in accordance with the Parish Personnel Handbook.  May serve on search and screen committees.
  • Is responsible for hiring, selection, scheduling, and evaluation of paid and volunteer office personnel and     assists the Pastor and Personnel Committee with personnel matters as needed.
  • Coordinates and prepares parish response to liability and legal concerns, in cooperation with Archdiocesan offices as appropriate.  Understands role of Canon Law.
  • Supervises the Parish Rebate Programs.

Facilities Management Responsibilities

  • Assist the Pastor, as needed, in supervising the maintenance staff.
  • Assists Pastor and Building and Grounds Committee as needed in: (a) managing major repairs or new construction, (b) negotiating contracts with suppliers and construction firms, and (c) preparation, administration and communication of a parish security policy to all staff and parish organizations.

Clerical Responsibilities

  • Perform secretarial services of a clerical nature as directed by the Pastor.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the quarterly newsletter and submits completed copy to the publisher.
  • Monitors the maintenance of the census membership records of the Parish, including the tithe contribution   recording.  Provide quarterly reports and annual contribution reports to the membership.
  • Assists the Stewardship Committee by providing reports and information for the preparation of the annual   Time-Talent-Treasure (Stewardship) solicitation.  Update computer records of annual tithe and volunteer     commitments.
  • Coordinates the scheduling of the annual Parish calendar for all parish activities per parish policy. Maintain the current annual Parish calendar and scheduling of facilities.
  • Supervises recording Mass offering intentions in the Parish calendar.
  • Supervises maintenance of sacramental records and preparation of related forms.

Maintains records of and the distribution of keys for the total Parish facilities



 Parish Ministry Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of parish mission statement and ability to apply it to actual situations.
  • Ability to project a faith-filled presence.
  • Knowledge of Catholic social teaching and ability to apply it to actual situations.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of accounting and record keeping principles and practices.
  • Ability to maintain accurate collection and deposit records.  Knowledge of internal control procedures for handling cash and deposits.
  • Knowledge of payroll tax rules and benefit administration.
  • Knowledge of disbursement processing and cash flow management.
  • Knowledge and ability in budgetary principals, including Archdiocesan regulations and procedures.
  • Ability to communicate and offer assistance to a wide variety of parish staff and organizations.
  • Ability to represent the parish well in dealings with outside business and organizations.
  • Knowledge of Stewardship and long range planning techniques.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Ability to supervise office personnel.  Working knowledge of computer operations and parish office equipment.
  • Knowledge of Archdiocesan record-keeping requirements.
  • Ability to cooperatively work with small groups of volunteers.
  • Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of personnel selection procedures including legal requirements.
  • Awareness of liability and litigation procedures and ability to respond to federal, state and local laws.
  • Knowledge of Canon Law.

Facilities Management Responsibilities

  • Ability to supervise maintenance staff with basic knowledge of: (a) parish physical plant equipment, (b) work contracts and purchasing guidelines, (c) current security technology and ability to communicate responsibilities to all appropriate groups.
  • Skills in developing facilities use schedule and the ability to communicate the same to parish organizations and staff.
  • Ability to work with small groups.

Education Training and/or Experience: College graduate or its equivalent required.  Major in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance preferred.  Five to ten years’ experience in business or management preferred.  Computer skills and knowledge of accounting required.  Supervision preferred.  Effective verbal and written communication skills required.  Knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and its mission are required.  Experience from volunteer efforts on parish committees and events are preferred.



Additional Information

Start Date
St. Agnes - Butler (M05)
Job Category
Parishes - Administrative
Employment Type
Full Time

To Apply

Please complete an Archdiocese application and submit with your letter of introduction and resume to
Contact Name
Fr Joy Thachil, SAC
12801 W. Fairmount Avenue
Butler, WI 53007

Download an application:

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