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Director of Faith Formation

Duties and Responsibilities:

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Directs the operation of the respective direct reports, e.g. schedules, supervises and evaluates staff.
  1. Meets regularly (weekly/biweekly) with youth minister for check-ins, goal setting, etc.
  2. In collaboration with the pastor, prepares and administers job evaluation for youth minister (once a year minimum).
  3. Provides documentation to pastor and DAS for any work performance or disciplinary issues for direct reports.
  • Coordinates and provides initial and ongoing formation of adults in the area of catechesis and evagelization.
  1. Meets regularlyl (minimum of four times per year) with all volunteers who facilitate the following ministries:  Adult Bible studies, Mens' Group, Ladies' Group, Adult Formation, Young Adult Ministry (ages 18-30), Retreat Teams
  2. Approves and guides groups in their programming themes, and studies, making sure they align with Church teachings.
  3. Inititates marketing strategies to invite the entire community to events, including school, formation and other parishes in the area.
  • Coodinates and maintains records in regards to Safe Environment requirements.
  1. Make sure all employees and volunteers are up to date on certification and background checks.  Keep accurate records.
  2. Facilitate and organize one Safeguarding session a year for volunteers.
  3. Inform and update all staff and volunteers of norms, procedures and directives from the Archdiocese.
  4. Serve as liaison between pastor, Archdiocese and other necessary staff in the instatnce of a violation
  • Recruits, screens, trains, enriches and recognizes catechists and volunteers.
  • Maintains parish sacramental records and death register books.
  • Maintains budget and expenses for the fiscal year.
  • Maintains inventory of all items used for formation gatherings.
  • Attends staff meetings and any other meetings at the request of the Pastor or supervisor.
  • Attends and/or acts as a resource for Pastoral Council and Life-Long Faith Committee.

Faith Formation

In collaboration with the Pastor and Evangelization Department, the coordinator will manifest the vision for catechetical and sacramental life of the parish in the following areas:

  • RCIA
  1. Serves as initial contact for inquirers
  2. Oversees/facilitates entirety of RCIA program, beginning to end.
  3. In collaboration with the pastor and liturgy department, organizes and plans for Rita of Acceptance, Scrutinies, and Easter Vigil.
  • Parent/Adult Formation Sessions
  1. Plans/facilitates meetings with parents.
  2. Actively markets and promotes the program.
  • Adult Confirmation
  1. Offers ongoing invitation for adults seeking the sacrament.
  2. Facilitates/oversees the catechesis of candidates.
  • Baptism Preparation
  1. Facilitates classes for parents of those seeking the sacrament (minimum four times a year).
  2. Processes all necessary paperwork and schedules baptisms.
  3. Arranges for baptism items to be set up at mass.
  • Marriage Preparation
  1. Serves as parish contact for engaged couples.
  2. Communicates with couple, pastor, wedding coordinator and liturgist of wedding plans.
  3. Reminds couple of any outstanding paperwork they need to submit.
  4. Prepares engaged couple wedding packets.
  5. Prepares necessary paperwork for Archdiocese (annulment, dispensation, etc.)
  6. Sends wedding certificate to County of Milwaukee no later than 2 days after the wedding.
  • Ministry of Education
  1. Provides programming and faith building activities for parishioners in all stages of family life.
  2. Oversees and collaborates with volunteers/ambassadors for outside retreats and programs (Women's Retreat, Men of Christ, Family Retreats, etc.)
  3. Collaborate with pastor and school principal and retreat dirctor to reseve dates and times for staff and catechists
  • Evangelization
  1. Welcomes, educates, spriitually enriches and grows the parish community via new and exciting programs.
  2. Responds to inquiries of those interested in the Catholic faith.
  3. Promotes evangelization programs and educational opportunities for parish evangelists and Life Long Faith committee.
  • Communications
  1. Serves as a link for parishioners, parents, parish and school staff, and catechist/volunteers regarding faith formation.
  2. Schedules events and respective calendars.
  3. Creates a dynamic image through parish communication vehicles.
  4. Create media releases and devlop social media programs that engage and encourage involvement.
  • Other
  1. Works with pastor and liturgist in the area of liturgy and music for liturgical celebrations and integration into the Saturday/Sunday Masses.
  2. Collaborates with the parish staff to be present and united with parish catechesis.
  3. Visibly engaged at principal parish events.
  4. Fosters positive public relations in and outside the parish/school.
  5. Networks with other leaders of adult catechesis.
  6. Attends respective Archdiocesan and Deanery workshops/programs, as needed.
  7. Weekend and evening hours are required.
  8. Other duties as assigned by Pastor and supervisor.



Knoledge, Skills, & Abilities


  1. BA or higher degree in Theology/Religious Education or an educational field and/or a certificate in ministry or theology from a Catholic institution of higher learning, or higher, requred.
  2. At least three (3) years or more experience in a parish or Catholic school setting as a teacher/administrator/catechits required.
  3. Working knowledge in MS Office products.
  4. Experience and/or training in catechesis.  Catechetical certification preferred.
  5. Valid driver's license for the State of Wisconsin preferred.


  1. Professional working attitude and collaborative approach.
  2. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Strong organizational skills.
  4. Strong presentation skills.


  1. Active, practicing, faithful Catholic, able to participate in the sacramental life of the Church.
  2. Supports Church teachings and committed to growing as a disciple in Christ.
  3. Ability to multi-task and prioritize.
  4. Ability to make decisions, attentive to details, and troubleshoot.
  5. Ability to maintain confidentiality.


Salary commiserate with experience

Additional Information

Start Date
Divine Mercy - South Milwaukee (F46)
Job Category
Parishes - Pastoral/Ministerial
Employment Type
Full Time

To Apply

Email resume and Archdiocesan application to Mary Wenger, Director of Administrative Services
Contact Name
Mary Wenger
695 College Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Download an application:

General Application
Application for Teachers and Principals

For general information, visit our
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