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Student and Family Support Manager

Student Social/Emotional Supports:


  • Advice students to help them understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioral problems affecting their educational situation (any educational issues/school adjustment, etc.)
  • Teaches social emotional curriculum and develops intervention strategies (including behavior strategies) to increase academic success such as truancy, attendance issues, and study habits for students.
  • Helps students develop age-appropriate and social interaction skills.
  • Assists students in understanding and accepting self and others.
  • Assists with conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Provides behavioral and/or crisis interventions and when necessary seeks outside support to help.
  • Using small groups and one on one interventions to implement the supports explained above.
  • Assesses students with mental health concerns
  • Enforces administration policies and rules governing student behavior.
  • Maintains accurate and complete student records as required by laws, Archdiocese policies, and administrative regulations.







Parents/Families/ School Personnel Supports:


  • Confers with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and professionals to discuss students’ progress, resolve behaviors, academic challenges, and other problems including but not limited to: cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc., and to determine priorities for students regarding the resources they might need.
  • Designs and assists teachers with behavior management plans.
  • Helps students receive adequate support from social and mental health agencies by coordinating and obtaining the necessary community resources to meet their needs.
  • Maintains updated information on ongoing community resources, outlines the process for assessment follows up with the family, and case manages ongoing plans for each student.
  • Provides teachers with essential information to better understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.) affecting a student’s performance and behavior.
  • Develops teacher in-service training programs related to social-emotional supports.
  • Teaches and presents student, teacher, and parent workshops as needed related to social-emotional issue.
  • Identifies cases of abuse or other family problems and encourages students or parents to seek additional assistance from mental health professionals.
  • Identifies and reports child abuse and neglect.
  • Serves on the Student Intervention Team.
  • Provides information regarding school law and school policy including, but not limited to The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504.
  • Attends meetings, educational conferences, and training workshops as needed.
  • Contributes to a team effort designed to accomplish common goals.
  • Performs other duties as needed.


Position Qualifications/Characteristics:


  • At least three years of relevant work experience with children.
  • Experience with pupil services or related field (counseling, social work, psychology)
  • Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods, and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.
  • Knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical and mental dysfunctions.
  • Strong organizational, communication, and case management skills.
  • Strategic summer planning meetings and participation in key summer programs will be expected.


  • Master’s degree in student service/pupil services related field.
  • Spanish-speaking ability is preferred.



Additional Information

Start Date
Nativity Jesuit Academy - Milwaukee (F42)
Job Category
Schools - Guidance/Academic Support
Employment Type
Full Time

To Apply

Send resume, cover letter and three references to: Vanessa Solis, Principal Nativity Jesuit Academy 1515 South 29th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215 In the cover letter, address the following questions: • What do you see as the main role of someone leading the social-emotional supports at a school? • What influenced you to work in schools and support students in this area? • How do you see social-emotional supports fitting with the academic needs of students? • How would you divide your time between meeting the immediate needs of the students, managing student data, and keeping up with the paperwork? • How do you see yourself making connections and finding community resources for students and their families? • How do you see this role interacting or in relation to teachers, parents, administrators, and others?
Contact Name
Vanessa Solis
1515 South 29th Street
1515 South 29th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Download an application:

General Application
Application for Teachers and Principals

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