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Pension Calculator

Calculate your estimated pension payments from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee using this form.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee provides to participating Catholic parishes, schools and institutions membership in the "Archdiocese of Milwaukee Lay Employee Pension Plan." This pension plan is a "Defined Benefit Plan" which is fully paid by the participating employer.  The calculator below provides a means to estimate the monthly amount of your pension benefit based on the information you provide.

When completing the entry fields below, it is important to review the text that is made visible by clicking the cursor over the (i) symbols location to the right of the entry boxes. 

Note: Using Internet Explorer is not recommended for this form. Instead use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge.

This calculator applies to active employees only.

Select your month and year of birth

Enter your original hire month and year

Service Year Information

Estimated service years displayed are calculated based on your hire date, minus the mandatory first-year waiting period.  You must adjust the "Estimated service years worked" for any break(s) in continuous employment.  This calculator rounds down to the nearest whole year. For additional information, refer to the pension booklet for the definition of eligible service years, or email any questions to

Date Of Hire Information

This is used to determine the proper method of calculating your pension estimate. This month/year will be used to calculate your years of service, assuming you have been continuously employed.

These totals do not guarantee the exact amount of your benefits, which are determined based on terms and conditions within the Pension Plan that effect your individual plan, as well as your future wages and service. The pension benefits you receive when you retire will be based on the provisions in effect on the date of your retirement, or the date you left employment of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and/or its parishes and schools. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee reserves the right to change the pension plan in the future.


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