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Reach Out Reach In

Reach Out Reach is a summer service week for high school youth who want to be involved in direct service and social action.  Youth learn about the many community organizations, located around the Archdiocese of Milwaukee,  that work to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable in the city.  Site locations including homeless shelters, adult day care, community organizations, meal programs, family/organic farms, child care and more.  The experience includes community, simple living, prayer, and justice education.


Reach Out Reach In invites…

  • Teens ages 15-18, who have completed ninth grade.
  • Teens who are interested in spending the week in service with children in shelters or summer programs, special needs children and adults, a family and organic farm, painting or landscaping for community organizations and so much more.
  • Teens who want to experience living in community.  Our home for the week is TBD. Youth will  make NEW FRIENDS who share a passion for making a difference in our world, often one relationship at a time!
  • Teens who want to simplify life for just a week!  This important aspect of the week brings us into solidarity with those we serve.  We eat amazing meals together, limit our shower use to one a day, and abstain from television, cell phones, and other media.  You can do it!
  • Each day begins and ends with prayer. Sometimes it is woven into the day, as we have experiences that we turn over to our loving God. Reconciliation is available during the week, and we invite families to join us on Friday for a closing Liturgy and celebration of the week.
  • Each evening we share stories and reflect on the service of the day in light of  Catholic Social Teaching and Justice education.
  • Those who have attended RORI in the past are invited to return and look at ways we can advocate for change at a different worksite.  Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in grace at the wonder of our Catholic Faith.

If YOU accept this invitation your generosity will come back to you!

Reach Out Reach In will be held July 9-14, 2017. 


Register Now Online or Download Registration Packet

Note: Youth ministers, due to interest from new parishes, please limit the group sent from your parish to 10 youth.  If you have more than 10 youth from your parish who are interested in attending, please feel free to keep a waitlist.  After the April 30th deadline, if there is room we will open up the registration to additional youth from those parishes. 


Read about past years' Reach Out Reach In in the Catholic Herald: 

2016 Recap


What happens when you get 52 teens, 18 adults, 13 worksites and beautiful weather together for a week?
The 26th year of Reach Out Reach In and a lot of work!
Special thanks need to go out to Gary Pokorny and Jennifer Murphy for their help in last minute promotions. And extra special thanks to all who responded and advertised again. I had to keep telling myself this year, if we build it they will come. And they did, from all over the archdiocese. And thanks to Dominican High School, which was a very excellent, new home site for us. The very generous and kind staff gave up fans for the teens to be able to sleep better at night.

What is so special about this Reach Out Reach In program you might ask?
It was started by youth ministers! They saw a value in taking youth on mission trips. They saw a need to expose youth to the complex social justice needs in the Milwaukee area. They wanted youth to be able to go back during the year and connect with those they had served.

Some things I have noticed in my 25 years with the program…
*The adult leaders value the experience as much as the teens.
*We have incorporated a service leadership role in which youth returning for the third year can be high school interns. *We have 2-4 college interns each year.
*The program directors are gifted, knowledgeable and committed to social justice.
*The food is always great! I often say I come so I don’t have to cook for a weekJ
*The worksites are amazed that the day’s work they plan is only half a day! Our teens work hard!
*We learn about Catholic Social Teaching.
*We pray.
*We have fun!
*We learn valuable life lessons.

In closing, if you would like a group of youth to come to your parish or school to describe their adventure of RORI please call or email, (414)545-4316 or  Thanks again.

Mary Osep, Administrator, Reach Out Reach In


 Click on the photo to watch the 2016 Reach Out Reach In Slideshow

RORI Slideshow Video

Reach Out Reach In

Mary Osep

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
262-825-6012 (Cell)

Jennifer Murphy
Administrative Assistant, Office of Catechesis and Youth Ministry

Gary Pokorny
Director, Office of Catechesis and Youth Ministry


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