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Retreat Facilitators

List of Individuals or Groups prepared to serve as Confirmation Retreat Facilitators.



In light of the increased need for qualified Confirmation retreat leaders, the Office of Catechesis & Youth Ministry is compiling information on individuals or groups who are willing and ready to work with a parish or cluster to provide a Confirmation retreat.

Use the form below to apply for inclusion on a list of retreat facilitators.

A parish leader will be able to contact a retreat leader directly.  Arrangements will be made between the parish and the individual/group.  The retreat leader does not represent or serve on behalf of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Inclusion on this list does not indicate endorsement by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Contact information

First Name

Last Name 

Current Position

Employer, Parish, or Volunteer Organization



Preferred means of contact:  Phone Email


Education / Training

Experience related to retreats and youth work

Other qualifications

Check all of the following that apply.

I will have at least two weekends available for retreat during the next program year.

I have a pre-planned Confirmation retreat or prepared retreat activities ready to offer.  
I am able to work with a parish to design a customized Confirmation retreat.

Safe Environment
I completed the Safe Environment Education required by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
 I have completed safe environment education in another diocese.
I have had a Criminal Background Check by my parish or organization withint the past 5 years.
I have read/signed the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Code of Ethical Standards.

Practicing Catholic
I am a Catholic in good standing who participates fully in the worship and life of the Church.
I am fully initiated (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), able to receive the sacraments, with no restriction on my ministry.

Profession of Faith and Fidelity to the Church
  I understand and accept the teachings of the Church and the moral demands of the Gospel.
I firmly intend to preserve communion with the Catholic Church, to hold fast to the deposit of faith in its entirety, to faithfully hand it on and explain it, to avoid any teachings contrary to it, and to follow and foster the common discipline of the Church.

I am familiar with the Church’s teaching and practice of Confirmation, as explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the National Directory of Catechesis.

I understand that, in being listed as a potential Confirmation retreat facilitator, I do not represent the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

I attest that the information provided above is true.  I am able to provide documentation (transcript, identification, certificate, or letter) as needed to support the information provided.



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