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Virtual Youth Ministry

Ideas and suggestions for reaching youth outside the parish and without gatherings.

Virtual Youth Ministry


We are in unprecedented times as a world. With all community gatherings suspended until further notice, we still find ourselves in need of ministering to our youth, continuing to proclaim Christ and make disciples of our middle and high school teens. To help navigate this new arena, we've created this page to be a place for updates, ideas, and suggestions for how to engage youth. We've broken things into several categories below - if you see something you need or would like, please email Doug

Note: many of these suggestions came from my colleague, Eric Gallagher, from the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD.


Official Statements/Updates from the Archdiocese


ArchMil Youth-Specific News
  • Join the ArchMil Youth Ministers Facebook Group to stay connected and bounce ideas with your colleagues.
  • Here's a Google Doc with more specific ideas for ministering to teens during these times. 
  • And here's another with resources you can give specifically to teens.
  • We are working on an at-home Confirmation retreat to make available for teens & parishes who will miss theirs. 


Meeting with Groups Online (General)
  • Zoom - We use this at the Archdiocese for meetings, webinars, etc. For now, they've dropped their 40-minute limit for group meetings on their free accounts.
  • Google Meet - another way to meet in small groups of people
  • Catholic.Social - a discussion platform you can use with your teens (for safe environment concerns, be sure to create private groups for your parish)
  • Safe Environment Note - treat any virtual meetings like you would an in-person meeting (have two safe-environment certified adults present on the chat, be transparent, with parents, and keep a log of group meetings)


Recommended Online Resources


Other Related News

Youth Evangelization Contacts

Doug Ulaszek
Associate Director

Merridith Frediani
Administrative Assistant

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