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Mission Week Materials

In this resource, we provide a different mission activity for each day of the week, all of which focus on our year’s theme of “Setting a Place at the Table: Living Our Missionary Call.”

2012 Mission Education Theme ImageSetting a Place at the Table: Living Our Missionary Call

Mission Week 2012: October 15th-19th

A table is where people come together for food. For many, there is not enough food and, in some cases, no table at all. A table is where people meet to make decisions-in neighborhoods, nations and the global community. Many people have no place at the table.
(U.S. Catholic Bishops, A Place at the Table, 2002)

Mission Week is a time when we highlight our call to mission as baptized Catholics! Schools and parish religious education programs are asked to celebrate during the week by engaging in a variety of activities related to our theme. For each day of the week, we will provide a different activity that all students, teachers and catechists can participate in and which helps students understand their role as modern day missionaries in living the Gospel call to faithfulness, love and justice. If you are not able to do the scheduled activity on that date, we encourage you to do it another day, or any time during the month of October (it is Mission Month!) We have also included other suggested activities that can hopefully help supplement your celebrations.

Each day is included as a separate web page, below. You can also download a PDF of all days' activities (including this introductory text) by clicking here to download the Mission Week 2012 Activity Guide.

All teachers and catechists that take part and submit a short reflection and picture of their students participating will be entered to win a prize: a gift certificate to Four Corners of the World, a fair trade store providing artisan goods and educational materials. . All entries must be submitted to Elizabeth Howayeck at by Nov 1st to be considered.

Now, read on for each day's mission activities....

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Prayer for the Family Dinner Table (Monday, October 15)

This activity focuses on students developing a prayer that welcomes all to the table and asks them to pray it at their own dinner table.

Our Global Table (Tuesday, October 16)

These activities focus on helping students understand, in a real way, the global realities of hunger.

Our Local Table (Wednesday, October 17)

These activities help students understand the local realities of hunger and its consequences for families in Wisconsin.

Funds For Food (Thursday, October 18)

This activity is about children giving of their own allowance or savings to help buy food for those in need.

Sharing My Plate at God's Table (Friday, October 19)

In this activity, students design plates that reflect what they have learned about "setting a place at the table for all."

Other Suggestions for Mission Week Activities

These activities may be done at another time or in place of one of the other suggested daily activities.

Previous Mission Week Activities

Click here to see examples of how students in schools and religious education programs throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee took part in Mission Week 2011 activities to foster their mission spirit.

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