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Funds For Food (Thursday, October 18)

This activity is about children giving of their own allowance or savings to help buy food for those in need.

BACKGROUND: “‘Loving our neighbor’ has global dimensions in a shrinking world. In our prayer, formation, service, and citizenship, and in our programs of twinning and outreach, we must break through the boundaries of neighborhood and nation to recognize the web of life that connects all of us in this age of globalization”
(A Place at the Table, 2002).

ACTIVITY: Funds for Food--In your school or classroom collect Funds for Food! This can be done by encouraging students to bring in pennies or their change in order to help support other children around the world who lack resources to obtain many basic necessities, including food. It is important that students do not just ask their parents for money to donate but that they take a small amount from either their allowance or change that they have saved or worked for…this demonstrates their ability to sacrifice and share so others may have some. It is up to the teacher, principal, catechist or DRE to choose where the funds will go, however, a few suggestions are listed below. Please note that in most cases, you will be responsible for sending the donation directly to the organization (except where it is noted that the Mission Office can collect and direct the funds).

  • Catholic Relief Services--Founded in 1943, they are an organization of 5,000, working in nearly 100 countries and reaching more than 100 million of the world's poorest people each year with innovative solutions to tough problems like poverty, hunger, drought, disease and emergencies.
  • Missionary Childhood Association  **   (formerly Holy Childhood Association)--“Children Helping Children.” After learning about the great needs of the world’s poorest children, young people are invited to pray and to offer financial help so these children may know and experience Christ’s love and care.
    **Any funds collected for MCA can be sent directly to the Mission Office who will aid in getting them distributed at an international level.
  • Your Sister Parish/Twinning Partner--Many parishes have an international sister parish or twinning partner in another country. If yours does, then you may want to collect your Funds for Food to be donated to them! Please contact your pastor or the head of your parish twinning committee to discuss.
  • La Sagrada Familia-Archdiocesan Sister Parish in the Dominican Republic**--All people of the archdiocese have a relationship with the people of La Sagrada Familia. If your school or parish religious education program chooses, funds can be collected to help support the Nutrition Centers in the parish that serve children, ages 2-6, two meals per day and provide some basic education.
    **Any funds collected for La Sagrada Familia can be sent directly to the Mission Office who will be responsible for getting them to the parish.


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