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Click here to see examples of how students in schools and religious education programs throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee took part in Mission Week 2011 activities to foster their mission spirit.

Celebrating Mission Week 2011: Mission Respects the Sacred Web of Life

Thank you to all of our schools and religious education programs that participated in Mission Week 2011 highlighting our theme, Mission Respects the Sacred Web of Life. Below you will find stories and pictures to depict some of the great activities that went on during that week. If your school or religious education program focused on our theme and want to be featured, please let us know!

It is not too late to start! If you have something coming up later in the year, please keep us updated. We will continue to feature stories each month and want to hear from you!

Divine Savior Holy Angels High School Finds Out How Mission Means Caring for the Sacred Web of Life

About forty students in the Campus Ministry Club met during Mission Week to learn about what and who make up the Sacred Web of Life and how each of them as individuals play a part in our larger community.

They talked about being disciples of Jesus charged with carrying out our mission to bring about the reign of God through love, justice and compassion and how that mission extends to all creation. In small groups, the young women made posters depicting their own versions of the Sacred Web of Life and each wrote what they could do to preserve that web, knowing that if one strand is broken, everyone and everything is affected. One group drew a web with God as the spider, the one who weaves the web, helps to keep it connected and shows us the path to repair it when it is broken. How creative!
Thank you to Kathleen Cullen, Campus Minister.

St. Mary’s Springs Academy High School Ventures into the Great Outdoors

Teachers really integrated Mission Week into their classrooms here!  The Junior and Senior Environmental Science classes explored the Sacred Web of Life by studying the ecological relationships present at the Horicon Marsh. In the morning they viewed a slide presentation on this history of the marsh and then collected various specimens for classification. In the afternoon they hiked around the marsh and their guide described the importance of maintenance and preservation. They finished up by gliding along in a pontoon boat! Earlier in the year, these same students learned how to calculate their own carbon footprints to see what impact they were making on planet Earth and what steps they might take to lessen this impact.
Students in Freshman Theology, who are currently studying imagery in religion, used St. Francis of Assisi’s ‘Canticle of the Sun’ to demonstrate what they are learning.
Thank you to Tim Guiden, Campus Minister, Christine Glass, Debra Sosinski and Carol Huck, teachers.

St. Mary and St. Peter Port Washington Pledge to Make the World a Better Place

In the Child Ministry program, students read a story about St. Francis of Assisi and learned about his love of all creation. They all completed a short workbook designed by the program director which focused on what each of them can do to help care for God’s creation. They learned how to make environmentally friendly homemade cleaning products and were also encouraged to discuss what they learned with their families. A poster contest was begun to see which student could create a design to show how his or her family would pledge to make the world a better place; to keep us all connected in the Sacred Web of Life!
Thank you to Denise Murre, Director of Child Ministry.

Catholic Memorial High School Helps the Newest Members of our Sacred Web of Life

During Mission Week, students in the after-school Service Club learned how to knit tiny hats for premature babies born at Aurora Sinai’s Hospital. The ‘Hats from the Heart’ project began when junior student, Elsa Aparnieks, learned of a community in Uganda that could benefit from hats since many of the children’s heads were shaven due to unsanitary conditions. Since logistically they could not get these hats to Uganda over the next few months, Elsa found a great need for them here in our own community. Students gathered around tables and were each given different colored spools of yarn. Some of them had basic knitting skills while others were attempting this for the first time. Elsa’s mother taught her to knit when she was very young and since then, Elsa has always enjoyed it. She says it will take about a week to complete one hat (which is only eight inches in circumference!) if you dedicate about an hour or so per day. The group hopes to have all 25 people complete as many hats as they can.
The Service Club meets every other week after school to learn about upcoming community service opportunities in which they can participate as well as engage in an ‘in-house’ outreach activity during club time. Their aim is for each member of the club to commit at least ten hours of service per quarter. These students were living out what it means to care for members of the Web of Life who are most vulnerable.
Thank you to Jon Brzeski, Campus Minister and Elsa Aparnieks, student coordinator.

Quad Parishes Make Children in the Dominican Republic Part of their ‘Dance Mission’

St. John Vianney, St. Mary Visitation, St. Dominic, and St. Joseph in Wauwatosa
Earlier this month, the Youth Ministry programs at all four parishes hosted their Fall Junior High Dance. The staffs decided that they wanted to incorporate assisting those in need as part of this fun event and determined that collecting school supplies for the children of our archdiocesan sister parish in the Dominican Republic, La Sagrada Familia, would raise awareness of the relationship and promote kids helping kids. Not only was it a good time to see these students bust a move and have a blast but our youngest sisters and brothers in La Sagrada Familia will now have the necessary supplies they would otherwise not be able to afford to learn effectively and stay in school. During Mission Week we packed up the supplies and they are ready to make the journey down to our sister parish!
Thank you to Claire Hoffmeyer, Debbie Olla, Dominick Albano, and Brian Maggliocco, Youth Ministers. 

Holy Wisdom Academy Kicks Off Their Penny Drive During Mission Week

For the last two years, the students of Holy Wisdom Academy have collected pennies for the children in our sister parish, La Sagrada Familia, in the Dominican Republic. This "Pennies for Pencils' drive has been a huge success and students have raised a wonderful amount of money to help support their Dominican sisters and brothers in need. This year, they wanted to kick off the drive during Mission Week, focusing on the children of La Sagrada Familia as an important member of our Sacred Web of Life and reinforce the connection that we not only have with them through our sister parish but as members of God's web. Bulletin boards were made at both campuses depicting the Sacred Web of Life encouraging a great start to the "Pennies for Pencils' drive. Students are very enthusiastic and we will stay tuned for the results of these collections!
In addition to this, Holy Wisdom held an all school Mass to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi and students were invited to draw pictures of their pets for a special blessing that day. 
Thank you to Richard Mason, Principal and Sr. Mary Kemen, teacher



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