Vocation: (noun)


  1. A call from God; God’s ceaseless invitation to charity and holiness.


As Catholics, we have grown accustomed to talking about vocations as Church ministries. Really, our vocation is participation in the essential ministry of helping one another to see our lives as a response to God’s call. Baptism is a call to action!

As baptized Christians, we pursue our work, leisure, and everything in between with a commitment to serve God and one another. In marriage, the bride and groom make a permanent, lifelong commitment that will reflect the love of Christ for the Church. In priesthood, a man commits his life to the people of God. A religious sister or brother makes a similar commitment to a religious community.

If you have never thought of yourself as having a vocation, now is the time to redefine yourself as a person whose ministry is a way of life.

Types of Vocations

  • Vocation to the Diocesan Priesthood is a life of serving God’s people within the parishes and diocese by being a visible sign of the presence of Christ.
  • Vocation to the Diaconate is following Christ’s call to serve the Church as a Deacon through service of the word, service of the liturgy, and service of charity, justice and pastoral outreach.
  • Vocation to the Religious Life (women) (men) involves living vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a religious sister, brother or priest within community life.
  • Vocation to the Married Life is living committed love to spouse and family in a way that shows others the kind of love that God shares with us.
  • Vocation to the Single Life involves using the freedom of a single person to live as an example of great generosity and service to God and others.
  • Lay Ministry is a way for lay persons to share their gifts and talents as members of parish ministry teams or serving as the Church in other settings
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