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“Catholic ID” a direct response from Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki’s synodal challenge for us to “ignite, renew and energize” our faith.

Available on the archdiocesan homepage and YouTube, this original, weekly web series runs from June 2014–June 2015. The series is designed to reach both engaged and disengaged Catholics in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond; helping us to answer the call to be Intentional Disciples – people purposefully sharing the Gospel in our own everyday lives.

Catholic ID - Go Forth

Discipleship is a mission of sharing, especially when it comes to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Archived Archmil Blogs

Conversations on Evangelization - Validity Claims

Claire Anderson talks about validity claims in the Catholic Church.

Never Give Up

Karen Mahoney describes how St. Therese the Little Flower helped bring her son home.

Enjoy Your Faith at Theology-on-Tap

Nicole Fastabend discusses how Theology-on-Tap increases both her faith life and her social life.

"Beauty Will Save the World"

Lydia LoCoco talks about combating porn.

Safeguarding All of God's Family

Patti Loehrer talks about protecting God's sheep, including the littlest and most vulnerable.

The Green Papacy Continues

Lincoln Rice talks about the green papacy and Pope Benedict XVI.

The Puzzle of Suffering

Vicki Thorn talks about suffering.

Daughter, Your Faith Has Made You Well

Anne Spoerl describes how, even in sorrow, we can all receive the healing touch of Christ.

The Elderly Are a Blessing, Not a Burden

Sr. Constance Carolyn Veit, ISP, discusses how the elderly should be seen as a blessing, not a burden.

“Milwaukee Archdiocesan Catholic Schools: A National Perspective”

Dr. Cepelka gives thanks for Catholic education within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

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Watch the Catholic ID series:

Catholic ID - Discipleship Call

True discipleship didn't stop with the original Apostles.

Catholic ID - The First Disciple

Think the first disciples were only men? Think again.

Catholic ID - The "Be" Attitudes

Looking for true joy? Check your "BE" attitudes.

Catholic ID - Good Works Glow

Does your "Good Works" light shine for all to see?

Catholic ID - Total and Complete

Have you surrendered completely to Jesus Christ?

Catholic ID - The Other Cheek

Do we really have to turn the other cheek?

Catholic ID - Loving Enemies

Loving our enemies? Easier said, than done.

Catholic ID - Humble Giving

Giving without bragging? It can be done.

Catholic ID - The Lord's Prayer

How to pray; Jesus' gift we can use every day.

Catholic ID - Faithful Fasting

Smiling while making sacrifices. Yes, it can be done.

Catholic ID - Heavenly Treasures

Appreciating earthly gifts & keeping heavenly treasure.

Catholic ID - Seek & Knock

Opening closed doors through prayer to Our Father.

Catholic ID - Universal Love

Following Christ's example and the Golden Rule.

Catholic ID - Humble Prayer

Speaking to God in a humble, meaningful way.

Catholic ID - Being Worry-Free

Living a worry-free life, with God.

Catholic ID - Stop Judging

Looking inside at ourselves, before judging others.

Catholic ID - Firm Foundation

Standing firm in faith through life's storms.

Catholic ID - Seeking Sinners

Saving sinners requires socializing with sinners.

Catholic ID - Healing Hands

Jesus wants us to reach out to him for healing.

Catholic ID - Keep Moving

Even in tough times, intentional discipleship doesn't stop.

Catholic ID - Persistence & Persecution

Being unpopular is sometimes a big part of following Christ.

Catholic ID - Jesus First

Making Christ a priority is the first step to discipleship.

Catholic ID - Lighter Loads

When life's loads are heavy, give them to Christ.

Catholic ID - Sowing Seeds

Plant seeds with Christ, and bear great fruit.

Catholic ID - Big Things

Do small tasks in His name & watch them grow.

Catholic ID - Buried Treasure

Invest your time in Christ, your pearl of great price.

Catholic ID - Feeding Hunger

Feeling empty? Fill up on Jesus and be satisfied.

Catholic ID - Faithful Focus

Life rocking your boat? Focus on Christ & stay afloat.

Catholic ID - Clean Thoughts

Do thoughts & words matter? Yes, they really do.

Catholic ID - Messiah Identified

Man? Prophet? Messiah? Who is Jesus to you?

Catholic ID - Church Connection

Being a Christian, means never having to go it alone.

Catholic ID - Childlike Faith

Being the least, makes you the greatest.

Catholic ID - Lost Sheep

For us, as Catholics, every sheep matters.

Catholic ID - Forgive & Live

How many times should we forgive one another?

Catholic ID - Eternal Giving

Give everything you have; live forever.

Catholic ID - Sacrificial Service

Do you have the strength to be humble?

Catholic ID - Stay Awake

Share goodness now. Tomorrow's not promised.

Catholic ID - God's Gifts

Using our talent is a great way to say "thanks" to God.

Catholic ID - Thirst, Satisfied

Jesus wants to be our spiritual drink.

Catholic ID - Faith Food

We're at one with Christ through the Eucharist.

Catholic ID - Unselfish Giving

Unconditional giving. Uncomfortable, yet rewarding.

Catholic ID - First Stone

Casting stones should be cast aside.

Catholic ID - Blindness Revealed

Seeing with God's eyes is discipleship.

Catholic ID - Everyday Samaritans

Discipleship means "being" church, every day.

Catholic ID - Prodigal People

Even when we're wrong, we can always come Home.

Catholic ID - Deep Thanks

Gratitude is essential. It's at the very heart of discipleship.

Catholic ID - Lifeline Vine

Staying connected is a discipleship link.

Catholic ID - Radical Love

Complete love is discipleship.

Catholic ID - Humble Service

Humbly serving others is true discipleship.

Catholic ID - Christ Can

True disciples lean on the Resurrection.

Catholic ID - Go Forth

Disciples make new disciples. It's that simple.

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