C4 - Ignite Your Catholic Faith

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith - Why a Year of Faith?

What a journey! Thanks to a proclamation from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, we have traveled together through a Year of Faith from October 2012 to November 2013. So, what do we do now? Bishop Hying has more on carrying this year with us, forever.

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C4 - The Desire for God

Why does God matter?

C4 - Does God Really Exist?

Is there really a God?

C4 - God Reveals His Plan

God's plans vs. our plans.

C4 - What Should We Believe?

The world is full of choices. Is Christianity the right path?

C4 - Is the Bible True?

Is the Bible historically and scientifically accurate?

C4 - What is Faith?

"Faith," this seemingly 'ordinary' word packs extraordinary power.

C4 - Why Do I Need Church?

I have faith. Do I really need church?

C4 - Does Life Really Matter?

Is my life important?

C4 - Why Does Evil Exist?

If there is a God, why is there evil in the world?

C4 - Who Can Save Us When We're Lost?

As we navigate life’s challenges, is anyone out there to help us?

C4 - God in Human-Form?

Did God really become human in Jesus?

C4 - Are My Everyday Choices Important?

Do my daily decisions & routines really matter that much?

C4 - Is Jesus a Savior for Everyone?

Is Jesus a savior for people with different religious beliefs, too?

C4 - What is a Creed?

What are creeds and why do we have them?

C4 - Why So Many Churches?

Why Are There So Many Christian Churches?

C4 - What is the Holy Trinity?

What the meaning behind the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?

C4 - What's the Story on Creation?

Creation. The scientific or religious theory? Which one is right?

C4 - What is God's Design for Marriage?

Why is the covenant of marriage necessary?

C4 - How Do We Keep the Faith?

Times are tough. How do we keep the faith?

C4 - Can People Really Change?

Is change possible in anyone’s life—even for a really ‘bad’ person?

C4 - What Kind of Response Does Jesus Require of Me?

What Kind of Response Does Jesus Require of Me?

C4 - Are there signs today that Jesus is still working?

Are heavenly miracles things of the past or is Jesus still working in our lives today?

C4 - What Do Catholics Say About Jesus & the Jews?

What is the relationship between Catholics and Jewish people, today?

C4 - Why Did Jesus Suffer?

If Jesus is the Son of God, why did he suffer on the cross?

C4 - How Do We Know Jesus Rose?

Even if Jesus rose from the dead, what does that mean for me today?

C4 - Jesus is Everywhere. Why Church?

They say Jesus is everywhere. So why do people still go to church every Sunday?

C4 - What's the Church All About?

What's the whole idea of Church?

C4 - What are the Marks of the Church?

What does one, holy, catholic and apostolic mean?

C4 - Who Gave the Bishops Authority?

Why does the Catholic Church have bishops as leaders?

C4 - Why Observe the Sacraments?

Why do Catholics observe sacraments?

C4 - Why is Baptism Important?

Why do Christians get baptized?

C4 - Why is Confirmation Important?

Why do Catholics have confirmations?

C4 - What Happens at Mass?

Sometimes church services seem so long. Why is that?

C4 - What Happens to the Bread & Wine?

Is there really a miracle in the blessing of the bread and wine at Mass?

C4 - Why Tell Sins to a Priest?

Does telling sins to a priest really make a difference?

C4 - Does Jesus Still Heal People?

Are heavenly miracles things of the past or does Jesus still heal today?

C4 - What are Holy Orders?

How do priests know when they’re receiving “THE” calling?

C4 - What is Evangelization?

How do I tell others about Church?

C4 - Does Faith Belong in Public Life?

Is it okay for people to publicize their religious beliefs?

C4 - Isn't Church Too Restrictive?

Shouldn't responsible adults be able to do whatever they want?

C4 - Who Determines Right from Wrong?

Who really decides if something is right or wrong?

C4 - What is Sin?

How do I know if my actions are sinful?

C4 - How Do I Get to Heaven?

What do we have to do to get to heaven?

C4 - Am I Right with God?

What does it take to truly be right with God?

C4 - What Makes a Happy Family?

Does a family have to be "traditional" to be happy?

C4 - What's the Church's Stance on Intimacy?

How should we handle our intimate relationships?

C4 - What Does Pro-Life Really Mean?

Is being pro-life just about caring for the unborn or others, too?

C4 - Is It Wrong to Be Rich?

If I'm doing well, am I required to care about others?

C4 - Should We Always Tell the Truth?

Should we tell the truth, even when it hurts someone?

C4 - Does Being Good Matter?

Why does being a "good" person matter to the Church?

C4 - What is Prayer?

What is prayer, and why is it so important?

C4 - How Am I Supposed to Pray?

What is prayer, and why is it so important?

C4 - What Does Jesus Teach Us About Prayer?

What Does Jesus Teach Us About Prayer?

C4 - Why Do We Have a Pope?

Why Do We Have a Pope?

C4 - What’s Up with Catholics and Saints?

Explaining the many ins and outs of being a saint.

C4 - What Happens When We Die?

How do we know what happens after death?

C4 - Heaven, Hell & Purgatory?

What do Catholics believe about purgatory?

C4 - The End of the World?

Will there really be an end of the world?

C4 - Why a Year of Faith?

This Year of Faith series is over. What's next?

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