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The Beauty of Reconciliation

The beauty of the sacrament of reconciliation is the ability for us to accuse ourselves of sin and seek forgiveness. It’s not easy to examine our lives and seek forgiveness. No one really likes to go to confession.

The Seeds of Spring

I can’t believe that it is April. Time moves so quickly, especially when you’re older. There is an old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

The Love of the Game

I soon discovered that basketball was “king,” and all other sports were secondary. My personal desire to be a priest was tied into being a part of the seminary community, and because basketball was king, I needed to be a part of that optic.

Thanks for the (Birthday) Memories

Many of the popular TV programs when I was growing up had theme songs, which identified their TV personas. “The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show” had, “Happy Trails (to you, until we meet again),” Gene Autry had, “(I'm) Back in the Saddle Again.” Perry Como would have a segment that started, “Letters, we get letters, we get stacks an' stacks of letters ... Dear Perry ...,” and then Perry would sing a popular song. Dinah Shore would sing, “See the USA in Your Chevrolet,” and then offer a big kiss to the viewing audience at the end of her performance. And, of course, the most famous theme song of my era was, “The Mickey Mouse Club,” which ended the show with, “M-I-C, See you real soon! K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you! M-O-U-S-E.”

Celebrate Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Today is “Mardi Gras,” the day before Ash Wednesday. The simple translation is “Fat Tuesday.” In this day and age of political correctness, perhaps “fat” is not exactly the best expression; “gravitationally challenged” or “calorically extravagant” might be more appropriate. I have had more than my share of “fat” references to my body structure. I prefer the expression “big-boned.” I am not fat, just big-boned. Of course, my body of big bones would equal a hippopotamus. But, the term “fat” on this Tuesday expresses the excessiveness that comes with the day, when one indulges in food and drink as if there were no tomorrow. Tomorrow is the beginning of the penitential season where the expectation is to deny and mortify.

Grateful in the Moment

Be prepared for getting what you wish for! It was just a few weeks ago when we heard on the weather and news reports that we lacked the normal inches of snowfall for the season. Many people were saying that we just don’t have those old-fashioned winters with subzero temperatures and significant snowfall. Now, after our third winter snowstorm that dumped an additional five inches of snow, with more yet to come, and with subzero temperatures, it has reminded us that winter is far from over.

A Routine Interrupted: All in God's Time

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” is a line in “To a Mouse” from poet Robert Burns. I have often been asked who writes my LOA (LOVE ONE ANOTHER). I quickly respond, “I do.” Do you honestly think that any self-respecting ghostwriter would put their craftsmanship to these weekly presentations?

Praying to Protect Our Religious Freedom

This second paragraph from the Declaration of Independence defines the basis of our independence from England. Every generation that has followed must claim its contribution to the continuance of the sentiments expressed by our founding fathers.

"Committee-Speak": The Language of Love

Although time consuming, committee meetings and the people who serve on them are valuable.

“Always a Winner by Heaven’s Standards”

Did you watch Super Bowl Sunday? Let Achbishop Listecki share with you some of his favorite - and least favorite - moments.



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