Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story
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Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story

8-Week Series

Do you desire healing? Do you desire freedom from unhelpful patterns of thought or sin you can’t seem to break? Struggling to understand and help someone else who desires healing or freedom?


Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story 


is an 8-week series that provides the framework for understanding and receiving Christ’s healing and peace in the heart of the Catholic Church.


Using videos featuring Dr. Bob Schuchts & Sr. Miriam James Heidland presenting the John Paul II Healing Center's Healing the Whole Person teachings, each session includes a guided prayer experience and a workbook journaling activity for private reflection and prayer. Series also includes opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and prayer with a prayer ministry team trained by the John Paul II Healing Center. 


Wherever you find yourself now is not the end of your story.

God is here. God has more for you.

Engaging Your Story is time set aside for God to guide you through.


Cost: $20 includes Workbook Journal
No one will be denied participation due to financial circumstances.
Please let us know if you need scholarship assistance.



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Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story 2024

Dates and locations can be found by clicking the registration page link below

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“Healing is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christanity.”










Frequently Asked Questions

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  Who's putting this on?

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Office of Evangelization & Catechesis (formerly known as the John Paul II Center) is presenting the John Paul II Healing Center's Healing the Whole Person videos in an 8-week series as an offering of our Galilee U

The John Paul II Healing Center's Healing the Whole Person teachings are provided by pre-recorded videos from Dr. Bob Schuchts, author of Be Healed and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT. For more info on the John Paul II Healing Center and their team, see http://jpiihealingcenter.org

St. Francis Borgia, Holy Apostles New Berlin, Holy Family Fond du Lac, St. Alphonsus Greendale, and St. Robert Shorewood, are our parish host sites. Each site has developed a local Healing the Whole Person Team, who have received training from the John Paul II Healing Center to pray with participants.

  Is this really Catholic?

The Lord Jesus Christ, physician of our souls and bodies, who forgave the sins of the paralytic and restored him to bodily health, has willed that his Church continue, in the power of the Holy Spirit, his work of healing and salvation, even among her own members.
Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1421

Healing is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christianity.
– Pope Benedict, Jesus of Nazareth 

As disciples of the Lord Jesus, who is the physici an of our souls and bodies, we are called to continue His work, work of healing and salvation in a physical, social and spiritual sense.”
– Pope Francis, General Audience, August 5, 2020

The Archdiocesan Office of Evangelization & Catechesis and the John Paul II Healing Center are fully committed to faithfulness to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

  Who’s this for?

The Healing the Whole Person teachings are for those who desire healing, or to help others receive healing, within the Catholic Church. Past participants who have found Healing the Whole Person especially impactful include: those who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, anger, addiction, illness, or patterns of sin they can't seem to break, and those who wish to better accompany or minister to others who do.

While we've brought Healing the Whole Person to Milwaukee for the deepening formation of our GalileeU participants, it is open to everyone.

  Why would I want to come?

For anyone who has lived with the struggles mentioned above, it can be difficult to imagine a life of freedom and peace. Participants in Healing the Whole Person will come to understand the wounds at the root of the struggles and how to bring those wounds to the Lord to receive the insight, healing, and freedom He wishes to give, especially through the sacraments and prayer.

  What can I expect?
  • Sound teaching from the Roman Catholic tradition delivered via pre-recorded videos by Dr. Bob Schuchts and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, 
  • a supportive community of people (including some who are discouraged or doubting) who desire to understand and receive Christ’s healing, 
  • private journaling activities for application of teaching and prayer, 
  • communal prayer for healing, 
  • opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and to pray before the Eucharist, 
  • opportunity to pray with a prayer ministry team trained by the John Paul II Healing Center,
  • privacy and compassion – no one will expect you to share about personal struggles you may be facing.
  How is this different from the Healing the Whole Person Conference?

At the Thurs-Saturday Healing the Whole Person Conference in our Archdiocese, Dr. Bob Schuchts and Sr. Miriam James Heidland present 4 of the 8 Healing the Whole Person teachings live. 

Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story provides all 8 Healing the Whole Person teachings via pre-recorded videos of Dr. Bob Schuchts and Sr. Miriam James Heidland. This 8-week series provides additional time and a supportive community to pray with and apply the teachings and tools provided at the Conference.

Because the 8-week series includes the entire teaching, you need not have experienced the Conference live to participate. That is, all are welcome.

The Conference does not offer prayer ministry teams, while the 8-week series does offer opportunity for prayer with a trained prayer ministry team.

  Do I have to have been to the Healing the Whole Person Conference to participate in this 8-week series?

No. Because the 8-week series includes the entire Healing the Whole Person teaching, you do not need to have attended the Conference to participate. That is, all are welcome.

  When is it? What's the schedule?

Please see the registration page for each location for details. 

  Do I need to attend all of the sessions? What if I miss a session?

Ideally, participants will attend all sessions, as each session contains unique teachings and experiences which build upon previous sessions. However, if you should have to miss a session, you can still come to the remaining sessions. 

If you miss a session, you might consider joining another parish site for the week that you missed. Some parish sites may have options for making up sessions.

  Where is it? How do I find you?

We have various parish host sites, some of them are listed below. Please see registration page for details for your site. 

Holy Family Church Hall
271 Fourth Street Way
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
​Enter the Church Hall

Holy Apostles Catholic Parish
16000 W. National Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151
Follow signs to Welcome Center, enter doors from National Ave

St. Alphonsus Parish | Community Room
6060 W. Loomis Road, Greendale, WI 53129
Community Room is on your immediate right inside main Church entrance

St. Robert Parish Church
2214 E. Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Park in lot behind the church, enter any door to main Church.

St. Francis Borgia Parish
1375 Covered Bridge Rd.
Cedarburg, WI 53012
Park anywhere in the lot. Enter the church through the front doors, not the side doors.  

  How much does it cost? Are there Scholarships?

Registration Fee is $20 per person, which pays for your copy of the Workbook Journal which contains unique journaling exercises to go with the videos each week.

No one will be denied participation due to financial circumstances. Please email Jaclyn at thompsonj@archmil.org if you need assistance.

  Can I participate virtually?

While we hope to offer Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story virtually in the future, we are not able to do so at this time. Please check back for future opportunities.

  Will I be expected to share the details of my personal life in these sessions?


Each session offers teaching from a pre-recorded video, quiet time for personal reflection and prayer, and a simple shared prayer experience as a large group. 

Any sharing is purely voluntary. While you may choose to discuss your personal experience with a priest, prayer team member, or someone you came with, or someone at the optional social at the end of the session, small group discussion is not a formal part of the sessions.

  Will there be video or pictures taken of me while I participate?

If photographs are taken, it will be for the purpose of thanking financial sponsors and inviting participants to future Healing the Whole Person events. You will have the opportunity to exclude yourself from any pictures in which you do not wish to appear.

  I had trouble registering or received a message that registration was closed. Am I no longer able to register?

We apologize for any challenges you have experienced with our registration system.

If you continue to have difficulty registering please contact Jaclyn at thompsonj@archmil.org or 414-758-2222.

  Can my teenager participate? Can I bring my children?

The John Paul II Healing Center recommends Healing the Whole Person for adults 18 and older, due to speakers sharing parts of their stories including healing from sexual abuse and addiction. 

  Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have questions about registering or scholarships, please contact Jaclyn at thompsonj@archmil.org

IfIf you want to learn more about forming a Healing the Whole Person Team at your parish in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, please contact Margaret Rhody at rhodym@archmil.org 

   I am no longer able to attend. Who do I let know?

We're so sorry you're no longer able to join us! Please let us know you cannot join us by emailing Jaclyn at thompsonj@archmil.org. Refunds of all but a small credit card processing fee are possible until the first day of the series.


  What is available if I missed Healing the Whole Person? Or, is there any support for me after Healing the Whole Person?

It is our hope to host the John Paul II Healing Center team for a live Healing the Whole Person Conference at least every other year and to offer parish-based Healing the Whole Person: Engaging Your Story 8-Week Series at various times and locations throughout the year. 

Additionally, you might consider our Healing the Whole Person Into the Deep Retreat, which is a 5-day overnight retreat with the Healing the Whole Person videos.

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