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Transcript for Clergy Abuse Website Introduction

Hello, I’m Archbishop Listecki. Never in my entire priesthood could I have imagined such a thing as clergy sexual abuse. And yet, as a bishop for 18 years, and your archbishop for the last nine, it has never been an issue “off my radar.”

15 years ago, Catholics were simply shocked to read the news reports of priests abusing minors. But today, Catholics are angry as they learn of cover-ups from years past.  I am angry too, especially when I hear reports that bishops have not fulfilled their pledge to keep children safe.  This has broken people’s trust in Church leaders.

Rebuilding trust will take time.  I promise to keep you informed of what we have done in the past and what we are doing today and into the future to keep children safe, without becoming defensive to the legitimate questions and valid concerns people have raised.

So, I come before you as a member of the wounded Body of Christ with the following pledge:

  • I renew my commitment of care and concern for Abuse Survivors. 
  • I renew my commitment to zero tolerance. 
  • I renew my commitment of transparency and action for myself and for the Church entrusted to my care.

This website is one of many steps of renewal and action in this Archdiocese. It will take time and each step may not always be perfect.  But each step we take is progress and, if rooted in love, will bear great fruit.

Thank you.

God bless you.

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