George Nuedling


Assignments/Locations Year Start Year End
George Nuedling  St. Rita Parish (West Allis) 1948 1964
 St. Lawrence Parish (Milwaukee) 1964 1967
 St. Joseph Parish (Grafton) 1967 1968
 St. John Parish (Twin Lakes) 1968 1993


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George Nuedling

In November, 1986, an individual reported abuse by Nuedling some 30 years previous (also possibly a sibling was abused) to Bishop Sklba, vicar for clergy. The individual wanted the bishop to confront Nuedling but had mixed feelings about what else should be done because of still holding Nuedling in regard. The individual asked to be informed when the confrontation had occurred and then would decide what to do next. The bishop met with Nuedling who admitted that the accusation was accurate, having occurred prior to his treatment for alcoholism.

Nuedling was ordered by the bishop to immediately cease any unsupervised contact with minors and to begin therapy. The individual who had asked for the confrontation was informed it had occurred and that person did not seek any further action.

In 1993, through phone contact with Project Benjamin by a 43-year-old individual who did not want to use a full name, a report of having been sexually abused at St. Rita Parish, West Allis, around 1963 or 1964 at about 10-years-of age was also made. The person had not told anyone at the time. The only other person who knew was a spouse. The individual was not in therapy but wanted to report the incident to prevent any further such actions. Nuedling was confronted with this allegation and was immediately placed on restrictions from having any contact with minors.

He resigned his pastorate shortly thereafter and went into retirement. He died about six months later.

In July, 2001, through in-person contact with Project Benjamin, an individual approximately 51-years-old reported sexual abuse at St. Rita Parish, West Allis, around 1959, when the individual was nine-years-old. The person had not told anyone at the time. In recent years the individual has been able to acknowledge what happened and is in therapy.

In March, 2002, a letter was sent to the pastor of St. Rita Parish, West Allis, with copy to Archbishop Weakland who forwarded it to Project Benjamin for attention. The individual wanted to report sexual abuse which occurred at St. Rita Parish, West Allis, in approximately 1960 to 1962 when the individual was 11 to 13 years old. The person wanted to make sure the Church was addressing these issues.

In 2002, a complaint was made by a Nuedling victim that a deacon had observed the abuse happening in the church sacristy in Twin Lakes in 1980. The deacon was questioned about the incident and reported that he recalled seeing Nuedling with a young person in the sacristy but did not observe any actual abuse. The incident made him uncomfortable and he confronted Nuedling who denied any inappropriate conduct.

Information about the abuse by Nuedling was being denied at Twin Lakes so Bishop Sklba wrote a letter to parishioners in 2002 affirming that allegations against Nuedling were substantiated.

Multiple reports of sexual abuse by Nuedling were made through the Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Office and the Independent Mediation System, from 2002 to 2007.

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