Clarence Schouten


Assignments/Locations Year Start Year End
Clarence Schouten  St. Bernard Parish (Wauwatosa) 1929 1932
 St. Raphael Parish (Madison) 1932 1938
 St. Mary Parish (Cascade) / Mission at Mitchell 1938 1950
 St. Patrick Parish (Ripon) 1950 1955
 St. Joseph Parish (Milwaukee / Wauwatosa) 1955 1969


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Clarence Schouten

In January, 1952, Schouten wrote to Archbishop Kiley reporting on follow up to some unnamed events involving an 8th grader at St. Patrick Parish, Ripon. Schouten contends that lies were told and that the parents refused an invitation to meet but the specifics are not stated.

In September, 1969, Schouten wrote a letter to Archbishop Cousins stating “with all your problems, I am sorry to add another one,” but with no further specification. Schouten went on to request retirement and taking up residence on the West Coast with relatives. Archbishop Cousins responded to the request accepting Schouten’s retirement and approving his plan to live with relatives on the West Coast.

In June, 1970, Father Sampon, chancellor, sent a letter to Schouten regarding his plans for health insurance coverage. Schouten responded, indicating that he was helping at a parish in California.

In August, 1974, Schouten sent the archdiocese a copy of a tribute read at his departure from a California parish. Schouten indicated he would move with a priest friend to a new parish where he would assist.

Schouten died in January, 1979.

In 1992, when legal claims were being made, Bishop Brust recalled that he met with Schouten in August, 1969, and requested his resignation from St. Joseph Parish, Wauwatosa.  Bishop Sklba consulted the files to verify that Schouten was assigned as reported in the legal claims.

In 1992, a deacon reported to Bishop Sklba that he was trying to assist someone in coming forward with a claim against Schouten; Bishop Sklba encouraged that support in coming forward continue.

In 1993, the deacon noted above brought two individuals to meet with Bishop Sklba. They reported their abuse and requested assistance with therapy as well as establishment of a support group for victims / survivors. They also requested contact be made in California to see if anyone had reported any abuse by Schouten there.

Bishop Sklba contacted the relevant parishes in California by telephone to advise about reports and request information of any reports there. There was no record of any reports of sexual abuse. Bishop Sklba authorized therapy payments and made referrals for support groups.

In 1993, a telephone contact from a parent to Bishop Sklba reported a request to testify in a case and wanted advice. The parent reported their children had been abused and that the father met with Bishop Brust. Bishop Sklba told the parent that they were free to do what they felt was most helpful. The parent expressed upset that Schouten had worked in California.

Multiple reports of abuse by Schouten at St. Joseph Parish, in its Milwaukee and Wauwatosa locations, were made directly to the archdiocese or through the Independent Mediation System.

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