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Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans

Do you want ideas for how to grow in communion with God and those around you? Each week, we will make new suggestions for adults and kids, including ways to connect with God through prayer, family/roommate ideas, and ways to grow closer with your neighbors. Keep checking back here for next week's plan!

March 29-April 4


Feasts this Week


Have a Theme Day

Pick a day during the week to have a theme day for the house. It could be Sports Day, Formal Day, Jammie Day, etc. Then, live up your theme as much as you can. For example, Sports Day - everyone wears a sports jersey, cook hotdogs and popcorn for dinner, and have someone give play-by-play of random, everyday parts of life (like folding laundry).

Take things deeper: Do this once a week and choose a new theme each week, and take pictures to post to social media to share your joy!


Set Up a Home Altar

Establish a dedicated space in your house where people can pray. Consider making your altar “Mass-streaming” ready for Sundays, too. Not sure where to start? Catholic Icing has come great tips on getting started here.

Take things deeper: Already have a home altar? Take yours to the next level with some of these ideas.


Consecrate Yourself to St. Joseph

St. Joseph is a great model for us, particularly in these times. His faithful, calm presence in the face of danger and his unwavering commitment to doing God’s will should inspire each of us. Learn more about St. Joseph in our Consecration to St. Joseph page and consecrate your household to him this week!

Take things deeper: Start preparing for consecration using some of the resources on the same page or pray some of the prayers there as a family.


Notes for Neighbors

Write some encouraging notes as a house and place them in some neighbors’ mailboxes. They can be personal or general, spiritual or encouraging. Whatever you write, do it with love and joy.

Take things deeper: Include your name and address and invite them to write back!


Choose a Cause for Your Suffering

We all encounter inconveniences and suffering in this life. We can endure them on our own or unite them with those of Jesus on the Cross. The latter, often called redemptive suffering, can bring real change not only in our hearts but in the hearts of others as well. This week, choose a common cause or loved one for whom you can often the inconveniences and sufferings of daily living. When you encounter suffering, think of your cause or person and make a small prayer of offering it to our Lord.

Take things deeper: Remind yourself of this practice every day with a Morning Offering. Find some examples here.


Suggestions for (free access here)
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