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Past Presentations and Resources

Past Presentations and Resources

This page serves as a holding space for past La Sagrada Familia presentations and materials.  The information contained here is offered as a resource, but is not current news or issues.  For information on current events in La Sagrada Familia parish, or if you are looking for a past item not posted here, please visit the main La Sagrada Familia website or contact us at

Noel Thank You: The Miracle of Nuevo Paraiso

A PowerPoint and PDF Presentation

A raging tropical storm called Noel severely damaged large areas of La Sagrada Familia parish in 2007. Then, the generous people of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee sent funds to help their Sister Parish move a community from a flood plain to a safe location.

The presentation included here is titled: The “Miracle” of Nuevo Paraíso-The New Paradise in La Sagrada Familia Parish: A Noel Christmas Story."

Click here to see a PowerPoin or click here to see a PDF of the presentation. It is the same presentation, offered in two different formats.

Thank you for your support of La Sagrada Familia.

Tropical Storm Noel Damages

View the presentation entitled "Noel! Help Restore Christmas for Sagrada Familia."

The presentation shows the effects of Tropical Storm Noel on La Sagrada Familia Parish. It was compiled from photographs taken by parish members during the storm and by the World Mission Ministries Directors when visiting the area two weeks after the storm.

The presentation also gives an overview of the what needs to be done in the parish to address the damage and losses, and gives information on what you, your parish, and your community can do to help.

Please contact our office for more information or to have World Mission Ministries make or send a presentation to your parish or school.

Photo Slide Show: "St. Anne and St. Mary Parishioners Bring Gift of Sight to Sagrada Familia"

Click here for photos from the story: "St. Anne and St. Mary Parishioners Bring Gift of Sight to Sagrada Familia"


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