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Code of Ethical Standards for Leaders

Reporting Misconduct

Church leaders have a responsibility to report ethical misconduct on the part of other Church leaders.

In cases where there are clear indications of illegal actions by a Church leader, notification should be made immediately to the proper civil and Church authorities.

In cases where there are clear indicators of unethical, but not illegal, actions by a Church leader, notification should be made to the proper Church authorities.

When Church leaders believe that one of their colleagues may have violated this Code of Ethical Standards, they should attempt to resolve the issue, if possible, by bringing it to the attention of the individual. If this fails, the Church leader shall take further action by reporting to the supervisor or next higher authority, or by referral to the Chancery Office.

All accusations and concerns, either past or present, involving the sexual abuse of a minor and/or adult sexual exploitations, as defined by Wisconsin law, must be reported promptly to the Safe Environment Office.

When Church leaders are uncertain whether a particular situation or course of conduct would violate this Code of Ethical Standards, they should consult with peers knowledgeable about ethical issues and this Code, or the Chancery Office, in order to determine the proper response.

Read the entire Code of Ethical Standards and print off the acknowledgment form at the end.

The Code contains standards that help to delineate boundaries by which ethical questions can be evaluated.
It is available in two formats: English or Español.

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