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Synod Videos

Videos were produced for the Synod as well as District Gatherings and Parish/Cluster Reflection Sessions leading up to the Synod.

Videos were produced for the Synod as well as District Gatherings and Parish/Cluster Reflection Sessions leading up to the Synod. For the one year celebration of the Synod, two additional videos were also created.

Parishes are encouraged to post the videos on their website and Facebook page, show them at Mass or after Mass, email them to parishioners, or use them in any other ways they see fit.


"Return to the Upper Room" videos include:

A New Mission for a Missionary People

Video connecting us to Jesus’s Great Commission to the disciples and  the new mission statement for the archdiocese: “Proclaim Christ and Make Disciples through the Sacramental Life of the Church.”

English | English w/subtitles

Mass - The Heart of the Matter

A powerful story that connects to Evangelization and the Sunday
Mass – the initial priority of the Synod.

English | English w/subtitles

Welcome by Bishop Hying

Bishop Hying sends his greetings and wishes everyone well as we move forward in implementing the priorities of the Synod.



June 7-8 Synod videos include:

2014 Synod overview2014 Synod: A New Pentecost

An overview of the Synod event


Called and SentCalled and Sent

People throughout Scripture were called and sent by God.

English w/subtitles

Our Call to DiscipleshipThe Synod and Our Call to Discipleship

The process leading us to the Synod.


Insights from the FaithfulInsights from the Faithful: God's Light Illuminates

Feedback from people who had attended district gatherings.

English w/subtitles

Pentecost: Faith on FirePentecost: Faith on Fire

call to a Spirit-filled faith.



June 7-8 Synod Reflections:

Opening MassHomily at Opening Mass

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki


Opening ReflectionOpening Prayer Reflection

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki


Bishop Hying's PresentationBishop Hying's Synod Presentation

Bishop Donald J. Hying


Bishop Sklba's ReflectionBishop Sklba's Reflection

Bishop Emeritus Richard J. Sklba


Closing MassHomily at Closing Mass

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki



District gathering videos include:

Alive and Well: The Faithful Affirm the ChurchAlive and Well:

The Faithful Affirm the Church


Imagine DiscipleshipImagine Discipleship:
Dare to Imagine


Intentional Discipleship: Our Fundamental Catholic FaithIntentional Discipleship:
Our Fundamental Catholic Identity



Parish/Cluster session videos include:

WelcomeWelcome by Archbishop Jerome Listecki

Welcome to the  Parish/Cluster Session

English | Español

Catholic IdentityCatholic Identity

The Beauty of the Catholic Church

English | English w/subtitles | Español


Challenges and Hope - The Catholic Church Today

English | Español


Stewardship; Recognizing, Sharing and Multiplying God's Gifts

EnglishEnglish w/subtitlesEspañol


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