Vocational Qualities
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Vocational Qualities

A comprehensive list of what the Catholic church looks for in candidates for the priesthood.

Qualities in a Candidate For Priesthood and Religious Life


The FAST FIVE: What to look for first!

If you are looking to invite people to think seriously about a life of service in the church, here are five characteristics in them you should look for are that:

He or she

  1. Has a personal relationship with God that they are able to share with others
  2. Is energized by change and able to help others deal positively with their resistance to it
  3. Is a team player who recognizes and works will with authority, enjoys life and has a sense of humor - a "people person"
  4. Is someone you listen to because they get to the root of an issue
  5. Someone you trust and are willing to follow, someone who can pull you in a direction that will improve your relationship with God.

If you want more detail for your own personal quest or inner discernment here is a bit more comprehensive list of what the church looks for in candidates:

  1. One who considers a personal relationship with God as an important and vital part of life.
  2. One who has an ability and willingness to talk about his/her faith and experience of God in his/her life.
  3. One who has a desire to serve others and make a difference in people's lives.
  4. One who is willing to sacrifice personal or material gain for the service of the Gospel and the Church.
  5. One who is recognized as being approachable.
  6. One who enjoys life, people, and has a sense of humor.
  7. One who has the ability to lead and work with people of all ages.
  8. One who recognizes the importance of the Church and the role of the Church as teacher.
  9. One who forms and maintains healthy relationships with both men and women.
  10. One who feels good about himself/herself, has average to above average intelligence, and has good physical, mental and emotional health.

If you recognize these qualities present in yourself, please contact a vocation director to talk about the possibilities of religious service or priestly life for you.


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