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Intercultural Ministries

Coordinates services for members of the diverse cultures and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community.


Black Catholic Prayerful Reflections

Authored by Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry, this document is being shared with you as part of the Archdiocesan Synod implementation and in preparation for the Black Catholic Pastoral Plan. Read more


Grant Application and Guidelines -  Deadline is February 28, 2019

Why Intercultural Ministries?

 “…The Church of the twenty-first century will be, as it has always been, a Church of many cultures, languages and traditions, yet simultaneously one, as God is one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – unity in diversity.”  from Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity.

A Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, 2000.

Intercultural Ministries exists with the ultimate goal of fostering the healthy ecclesial integration of the Asian and Pacific Islander, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Black Catholic, Hispanic and Native American communities.

Mission Statement for Intercultural Ministries

We, the team for Intercultural Ministries for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, strive to create an awareness and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity within our Catholic family.  In so doing, and in collaboration with our bishops, diocesan offices, agencies and parishes, invite a response from the church of Southeastern Wisconsin to embrace the gifts of all.  With a renewed consciousness, we hope to promote unity within diversity and so experience how all cultures can be enriched by one another and strengthened by the Catholic faith that we share.

The specific cultures and groups under consideration are the Asian and Pacific Islander, Black Catholic, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Hispanic and Native American communities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


  • To further the mission and mandate of the Church of reaching out to all people and “making disciples of all nations”, working in a collaborative fashion with diocesan offices and departments to build stronger connections with the cultures and groups mentioned previously, infusing intercultural perspectives into all areas of the diocesan mission of service with parishes and the faith community.
  • To assist pastors, parish directors and pastoral leaders in welcoming new members from other cultures as their parishes grow in diversity.
  • To assess the quality of pastoral care taking place in the various cultural communities and suggest solutions where gaps exist to bring about a pastoral response by the appropriate parties.
  • To assist in the healthy integration of the various communities into all aspects of parish and diocesan life as full members of the Church.
  • To work with the existing leadership groups within each community to identify, develop and support leaders; also, to promote vocations to the priesthood, religious life and lay ministries. 

Intercultural Ministries Programs and Leadership Groups

Asian and Pacific Islander Ministry

Asian and Pacific Islander Ministry Council

  • Chinese Catholic Ministry
  • Filipino Catholic Ministry
  • Hmong Catholic Commission - St. Peter Claver, Sheboygan
  • Hmong Catholic Community - St. Michael, Milwaukee
  • Indian Catholic Committee
  • Chin, Kachin, Karen, and Karenni Ministry - St. Michael, Milwaukee
  • Korean Catholic Community - St.  Mary Magdalen, Milwaukee
  • Lao Ministry Leadership - St. Michael, Milwaukee
  • Vietnamese Catholic Ministry - St. Martin of Tours, Franklin

Black Catholic Ministry

Black Catholic Ministry Commission

  • African Catholic Ministry
  • Black Catholic Sacred Liturgy
  • Brother Booker Ashe Lay Ministry Program
  • Imany Marriage Ministry
  • NIA Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Service

Deaf Ministry

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry Advisory Council

  • Delavan Deaf Ministry

Hispanic Ministry

Hispanic Ministry Advisory Group

  • Catholic Education
  • Hispanic Child and Youth Ministry
  • Lay Leadership Formation and Evangelization
  • Marriage and Family Ministry
  • Social Justice - Immigration and Prison Ministry
  • Vocations

Native American Ministry

Council of Elders, Congregation of the Great Spirit, MIlwaukee


The CARA Report Cultural Diversity in the Catholic Church in the United States (2014) provides demographic information about the rich diversity in the U.S.

The following resources appear on the website for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Best Practices for Shared Parishes: So That They All May Be One is a guide to assist pastors of culturally diverse parishes in the challenging task of building unity in diversity. The guide identifies pastoral responses and proven best practices in relation to intercultural competencies in relation to attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

The Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers manual is designed to help ministry leaders achieve a basic level of awareness and proficiency in the area of intercultural competency.

Plenty Good Room - This resource will assist liturgists, pastoral leaders, parishes and dioceses to plan African American and multicultural liturgy that is spiritually uplifting and appropriate for Catholic worship.

The One Church Many Cultures e-newsletter, a publication of the USCCB’s Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church.

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