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Natural Fertility Care

The beauty of biology and human love in the divine plan.

Natural Fertility Care

Imagine a platform where women learn about the biology of their fertility and are given support for managing their reproductive health - with no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or devices. Imagine a family planning service where men and women worked together to plan pregnancies, and grew in intimacy emotionally, physically, and spiritually along the way. Imagine a medical community where each woman discovered the specific needs of her own menstrual cycle and received a diagnosis and treatment for any medical conditions. Imagine a world where fertility was treated as a gift rather than a condition, and men and women were empowered to give the gift of themselves in every age and stage of life.

This platform, family planning service, medical community, and world exist. This is natural fertility care, known as Natural Family Planning in medical circles, and it is available for you right here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

For all ages and stages of life: single women with regular and irregular cycles, engaged and married couples, and post-partum and pre-menopausal women are all encouraged and able to practice NFP.

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Understand the NFP methods offered in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, get answers to frequently asked questions, locate an NFP provider for your specific fertility needs. Also, register for in-person or online NFP workshops. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Tori Franke (Pohl) at



Natural Fertility Care is different.

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  NFP is more than family planning; it is a natural, scientific, holistic, and catered fertility care for all women and couples.

Whether you are single and wanting to manage your menstrual cycle, concerned about PMS or painful periods, trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy, expereince infertility, or seeking an alternative to artificial birth control, NFP is for you.

By learning to understand the clear and observable signs of fertility in a woman’s body, a woman or husband and wife can know the few days of her cycle when she is fertile and if her cycle is healthy. Once trained, daily charting of these observed biomakers allows a couple to understand, with great precision, how to pinpoint the time of a woman’s ovulation even if she has irregular cycles. A couple can thus know their times of fertility and infertility and use that information to decide when to have intercourse in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

There are various methods for charting these observations, but every clinical method is natural, scientific, and holisitc. No artificial ingredients. No devices.

  NFP is an alternative to artificial birth control, though NFP is not Catholic contraception.

Contraception works by artificially preventing ovulation or fertilization from occurring. These artificial methods include the birth control pill, condoms, and contraceptive implants. Because of its chemical makeup, the birth control pill may also inadvertently act as an abortifacient if an egg is fertilized. Unlike these methods that seek to prohibit con- ception, with natural fertility care, couples learn to understand their combined fertility and choose when to have intercourse based on their daily knowledge of fertility. Thus, NFP upholds the dignity of sexual intercourse within marriage and allows couples to freely and fully give of themselves to each other. With NFP, couples are empowered to remain open to life and planfully space pregnancies without introducing artificial contraception.

  At the heart of NFP is the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the woman and the couple.

The benefits of practicing NFP include the knowledge and ability to determine signs of healthy fertility in a woman’s body, diagnosing and treating medical conditions, and greater communication and increased intimacy for couples.

Learning about our fertility empowers us to give the gift of ourselves at every age and stage of our lives. Your life is a gift, and so is your fertility. God made us for communion with each other, to have and to hold, to love and serve, to sacrifice for and rejoice with one another. NFP then is an invitation to understand the strength and wonder of your fertility and discover your great capacity to love as God loves.

  Every woman’s cycle is different, and so are her fertility needs.

One significant advantage of NFP over other methods of birth control or reproductive health management is its ability to cater care for every individual woman or couple. A healthy menstrual cycle can range from 21-35 days because it is determined by each woman’s specific neurological, endocrinological, and physiological makeup.

Natural fertility care works with each’s woman’s body, instead of overriding her natural health.

NFP is 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy when used as instructed. Additionally, since NFP is designed to be catered to the particular needs of the woman or couple, charting your menstrual cycle can illuminate underlying medical conditions leading to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as endometreosis, PCOS, and infertility causes.

Natural Family Planning Movie

Check out the 30-minute video featuring local couples, doctors and priests that explains why and how Natural Family Planning makes sense from practical, health and religious perspectives.

Would you like to order a copy of the Natural Family Planning DVD?  Please contact Meredith Frediani at

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