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Cold Weather Advice

Directs all financial, administrative and reporting functions of the archdiocese.

Cold Weather Advice from Catholic Mutual

Parishes are encouraged to protect buildings from freezing pipes, heat loss and other weather related claims. We ask your Parish/Organization to help prevent freeze-ups by:

  1. All unoccupied buildings with water/plumbing should be checked twice, daily. Heat should be temporarily adjusted to at least sixty degrees during these extreme cold temperatures.
  2. Any cabinet, closet or other enclosure can restrict the flow of heat to pipes & plumbing, especially on outside walls or in entrance ways. Open doors and cabinets to increase warm air flow.
  3. The temporary use of indoor space heaters and other non-fuel supplied heaters to maintain building heat during a boiler or furnace repair can mitigate the extent of any potential damage to your pipes and plumbing. Be sure to remove all combustibles and storage away from space heaters.
  4. Have a plan in place in the event of a boiler or furnace malfunction. Make arrangements with your HVAC service provider to provide 24 hour response to your location.
  5. Check for drafts and other areas of heat loss. Windows and doors that do not close tightly should be repaired to mitigate heat loss during these extreme weather conditions. There is a removable window caulk product that is available for indoor use to help temporarily seal window drafts. Keep light bulbs turned on near pipes and plumbing fixtures. The small amount of heat emitted from the light bulb can help keep these pipes and fixtures from freezing.
  6. If your location experiences a frozen pipe burst or other water loss – turn off the main water supply and immediately contact your plumber or mechanical contractor, then contact Catholic Mutual Group. If a water loss occurs, please contact Catholic Mutual Group, who will arrange for a contractor to remove water and dry the area.

Questions or concerns? Contact Molly Hatfield at 262-255-6906.

Christopher Brown
Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

Samantha Wright
Administrative Assistant

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Kim Kasten
Treasury Analyst

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Director of Special Projects

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Payroll Coordinator

Bridget Fischer
Lay Employee Pension & Group Life Coordinator

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Interim Lay Employee Pension & Group Life Coordinator

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Janet Stern
Staff Accountant

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Financial Analyst

Accounts Payable

Catholic Cemetery Finance

Georgi Lozanov
Senior Financial Analyst

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Financial Analyst

Parish and School Financial Consulting

Rob Kratoska
Director of Finance - Parish & Schools

Michael Waddell
Parish Finance Consultant

Office for Legal Counsel

Sharon Hanson
General Counsel

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