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Getting Strategic about Mission

Using an intentional process to focus your parish on mission.

Leaderhip requires stepping away from the day-to-day demands and engaging in an intentional process of setting missionary priorities for the future.  Please review the following information, powerpoints, and documents which describe the services and resources which are available from the Office for Missionary Planning and Leadership.

Demographic ServicesMissionInsite Powerpoint - Parishes have the ability to work smarter by using the demographic and marketing information available through MissionInsite.  Every parish is encouraged to have a team of core users.  View the powerpoint to find out more about MissionInsite.

Parish Summary/Activity Reports - Powerpoint - Upon request, parishes can access 15-years of annual diocesan reports on parish activity.  A Parish Activity Report is also available which analyzes and graphs the trends in key areas of parish ministry.  View the powerpoint to learn about these reports and how you can use them to improve mission effectiveness.

Leadership Summit - Documents - Parishes interested in developing a short-term, 1 – 3 year plan can use this outline and other suggestions to craft a plan which focuses on either 3 or 4 priorities or a key priority in each area of ministry.  The process involves 1 to 3 meetings.  Review the introduction and meeting outline.

Strategic Planning - Powerpoint - Parishes interested in the development of a comprehensive long-term, 5-7 year plan can schedule the Office to consult with them.  The process usually takes a minimum of 6 to 8 months to complete.  View the powerpoint to understand how the process works and how your parish can engage in the process.

Deanery Maps & Parish Listings - Deanery maps and parish listings of the 11 deaneries that make up the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Mass Attendance Report - 15-year summary report of the average count of mass attendance by deanery.

Parish Baptism Report - 3-year report of parish baptisms, sorted by the number of baptisms, largest to smallest, for Birth to 6 years.

Parish Finance Report -  5-year summary report of finances by deanery

Parish Membership Report - 15-year summary report of parish membership by deanery

Parish 15-Year Summary Report - 15-Year Summary Report for parishes and multi-parish communities

Laura Engel
Associate Director of Missionary Planning and Leadership

Michael Laird
Associate Director of Missionary Planning and Leadership

Rosalita Villa
Administrative Assistant

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