Parish Stewardship and Development
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Parish Stewardship and Development

Consulting and resources for stewardship education and formation, increasing offertory and parish planned giving.

Parish stewardship introduction

A parish Stewardship Committee functions as the hands and feet of Jesus within a parish and in the community. The committee and its members help to make the parish a place where God’s children are invited, welcomed, and encouraged through the Sacraments and the many ministries of the parish.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Stewardship Office exists to support and promote parish stewardship activities with periodic in-person programs, advice, and informative materials.

We encourage you to view and use the resources below from our "parish stewardship tool box." If you have any questions or concerns not discussed below, please contact Cindy Lukowitz.

Why You Should Run a Registration Drive Zoom – April 2024 (FULL VIDEO)

In YOUR pews - right now - COULD BE the solution to both your need for volunteers and supporters!  This recording from the April 2024 Zoom meeting will cover all the steps needed for a successful Registration Drive. Click HERE for the PDF of the slideshow used in the meeting.  Password for Video: t6eD$s5Z


Parish stewardship tool box

Parish stewardship checklist (PDF)
If you are looking for information on what a stewardship committee for parishes might look like, want to know what questions to start asking, or what can be involved in stewardship at the parish level, download this document.

Tips for communicating about the Offertory (PDF)
This graphic presentation offers ideas about how to discuss the offertory with parishioners in ways that help create engagement.

“THANK YOU” Matrix for donations (MS Word)
Each parish is different and so are the ways to say “Thank you” to donors. A great way to show gratitude is to have a process in place before a gift even comes in, this customizable checklist may help.

Tips to recruit volunteers (PDF)
Simple tips and points to think about when looking for or encouraging volunteers. (Less than a page)

Sample volunteer sign-up form (PDF)
A sample of what a parish’s own form for prospective volunteers could be. What could be done around the parish if someone can only give “15 minutes”, “30 minutes” or “an hour” at a time? Feel free to create your own version.

Ministry grid (MS Excel)
A sample grid to include with a parish guide or other printed resource that helps new volunteers and seasoned parish veterans, alike, know where they can find out more information to put their time, talent, treasure, and prayer to good use.

Love One Another Catholic “basics” sheet (PDF)
God loves you. Love God. Love one another ­– easy right? Here’s the attractive styled download with additional prompts and explanations to keep, share, and post as encouragement to Love one another.

Stewardship Workshop presentation (2023)
In total, 23 pages that give any stewardship leader the basics to begin moving forward in their parish. This is a version of the PowerPoint that was presented in May 2023.

Offertory Zoom 2024 (FULL VIDEO)
A presentation on parish offertory strategies and tactics presented by the Parish Stewardship office.

Offertory Zoom 2024 (PDF)
These slides and notes were part of a 2024 presentation on Offertory collection in parishes.

Love One Another Campaign signage (2024)
Use the following assets to let your parishioners know that a meeting, speaker, project or event is being funded by donations to the Love One Another Campaign

Planned Giving

Bob Pfundstein​
Director of Planned Giving

Stewardship & Offertory

Cindy Lukowitz
Director of Stewardship
Offertory Specialist


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