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A Different Christmas, But the Same

How many unbroken traditions of family or friend get-togethers during the Christmas season are now unfulfilled? The visitations and drop-ins that are so much a part of our social-networking are now, for the sake of health and safety, put off until next year with the hope of some normalization.

A Faithful Citizen

I encourage all of you to read the directions given by the USCCB as a voters’ guide.

A God-Fearing Person

A term was used quite frequently several years ago which represented a gold standard for evaluating the character of an individual.

A Growing Landscape

It’s probably true to say that this current pandemic will probably contribute to changes in the way we live our lives.

A New Era

I am a product of the 60s. My high school and college years took place from 1963 to 1971.

A Witness of God's Love

Amid the challenges of Coronavirus, when all appear to be frightened and almost panic-stricken, there emerges from the very depth of our personas a sense of our spiritual reality.

As the Saying Goes ...

At certain times, and I know this may seem strange, we could be a bit goofy as kids, laughing over nothing and just being silly.

At a Crossroads in Society

We are at a crossroads within our society. I do not believe that we can move forward unless, as a people, we first recognize that God makes us one.

Be Not Afraid

As I reflected on the impact St. John Paul II had on the Catholic Church in the United States, and the Catholic Church throughout the world, I marveled at what could only be interpreted as the work of the Holy Spirit.

Celebrate the Moments

One thing that I immediately learned about my family is that saving one memorable object is good, but having two of the same is better, and of course, multiples are the best.

Count Your Blessings

I have said this before – but will emphasize even more during these trying times – we need to count our blessings. Doing so tells us immediately that we are not abandoned by God.

Devotion to Our Mother

October is the month of the rosary. As Catholics,e are so blessed to have several traditional devotional practices that focus on the Blessed Mother.

Domingo: Una Obligación Gozosa

Nuestra obligación de asistir al culto dominical refleja el carácter mismo de quiénes somos como católicos. Cuando fallamos en nuestra responsabilidad ante Dios, pecamos.

Follow Me

Yesterday, September 21, was the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle. He represents one of the most dramatic vocational calls recorded in Sacred Scripture.

For the Sake of the Church

It is a shame that many Catholics never get an opportunity to attend the ordination of a bishop.

God Is With Us

The movement of God is all around us, but we often fail to acknowledge His presence.

God, Family and Country

With all due respect to baseball, the national pastime, the most anticipated opening of any sports season is the first Sunday of football.

In the Hearts of the People We Serve

My own ordination to the priesthood took place on May 14, 1975, at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois.

In Unity of Faith

Today is the feast of St. Leo the Great, a fifth-century pope who pastored the Church of Rome for 21 years.

Let Us Be Grateful

Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love.

Live Jesus

The Liturgy of the Hours, as called the Divine Office, is an important part of the spiritual lives of clergy and religious.

Love and Respect for Our Mother

Last Friday, I joined with other bishops across the country in concert with Archbishop Jose Gomez, the Archbishop of Los Angeles and President of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB), in rededicating the United States of America to Mary under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church.

Making Sacrifices to Love One Another

We are a people who love to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Baptisms, First Communions and Confirmations surrounded by family and friends.

Mary Immaculate

“Hail, Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.”

Memories Light the Corners of My Mind

I must admit, because of the coronavirus I am finding myself engaged in activities that would not have normally grabbed my attention.

No Greater Love

It was on this day that the new pope, St. John Paul II, chose to meet the seminarians and priests of the North American College.

One Family In Christ

As a child, I remember paging through old family photo albums. I would often come across a picture of someone who was dressed in clothes of an era long since passed.

One Nation, Under God

“Those who cannot remember the past are bound to repeat it,” said the philosopher George Santayana.

Pilgrims on Life's Journey

We remember the trips that we take in our lives, and some stay with us with more memories and fondness than others do.

Questioning Utopia

Utopian systems don’t exist, and the attempt to impose them fail – often at a cost.

Summer Separation

I can’t believe that it is already August. It seems that something is missing – the summer.

Sunday: A Joyful Obligation

Our obligation to attend Sunday worship reflects the very character of who we are as Catholics. When we fail in our responsibility before God, we sin.

The Comforts of Home

I am a good enough theologian to realize that my reflections are only speculations of the kingdom based upon human longings, and are definitely limited.

The Condition of Our Souls

Allow me to be a priest and offer to you that God is God of the seen and unseen world. We profess this as a part of our Creed.

The Constant Reward

I never thought that I would encounter someone saying, “I really miss my job.” There is, of course, retirement, but that comes with a type of closure – looking to embrace a new moment or transition.

The Fog of Uncertainty

I have encountered many individuals who told me that, during their darkest moments, they felt the power of prayers offered by family and friends on their behalf.

The Impact of Kindness

Part of evangelization starts with a sense of kindness. There is a balance in kindness.

The Priority of Our Lives

Secular corporations have borrowed the term "retreat" to emphasize a type of getaway to enhance their business environments.

The Saints Among Us

I have often said that the rich history of the Catholic Church in Wisconsin is grounded in the deep spirituality of its members.

The Space That Surrounds Us

Probably, the most significant lesson I have learned from this experience is just how much I love being a priest.

Unforeseen Consequences

Labor Day usually marks the unofficial end to summer and, in normal circumstances, we would be preparing for a return to our normal fall and winter routines.

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