This is Home - Week 2
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This is Home

Connect What Happens at Sunday Mass to Everyday Life in the Home



“Jesus took Peter, John, and James
and went up the mountain to pray.
While he was praying his face changed in appearance
and his clothing became dazzling white.”



Remember to give your family members a few moments to think through each question, making sure each of their voices are heard.

  1. Close your eyes and picture yourself standing with Jesus. How would you describe Him? Now close your eyes and picture His clothes turning a DAZZLING WHITE. Open your eyes. Tell me what you saw and how it made you feel.
  2. What is your favorite way to pray? If they do not say any prayers already, ask them to be ready to share something or someone for which they are thankful. Be prepared to share your favorite, as well! You will get to share WHY later.
  3. How do you think prayer changes our lives? Allow them to give appropriate responses, and be prepared to give an example from your life of when prayer really mattered to you. Perhaps you said a prayer that was answered in a way you did not expect, and you saw God’s goodness. Perhaps prayer helped you calm down in a really stressful situation. Perhaps you prayed for a family.



Continue to watch for sacrifices that your children are making and remind everyone of some sacrifices that you have seen EACH family member make over the past week.

Add a prayer item to your space.

Recall each family member’s favorite prayer/way to pray. Ask everyone to find something from your home that reminds them of that way of prayer. For instance, if someone prefers the Hail Mary, they may find a Rosary or a flower. If someone loves to say the meal prayer, they may find a plate or fork. If someone prefers to pray whenever they are in nature, add a rock or leaf to the space. If someone did not have an idea of their favorite prayer or have not really prayed enough to have a favorite, have them find something that reminds them of that item for which they are thankful.

Allow each family member enough time to go and find their item. When everyone returns, ask each person to remind the family what their favorite prayer is, what they have chosen, and WHY they like it. For instance, if someone loves to pray through singing, they may have grabbed a piece of music from the house, and they may share that when they sing their prayers, they feel like Jesus really hears them or their heart just soars when they pray that way. If they have chosen to find something for which they are thankful, ask them to explain what they chose and why. Then, ask them to say, “Thank you, Jesus, for ______.” Cheer them on, telling them that they just created their own special, powerful prayer!

Leave these items on the prayer table as long as is possible, depending on the item. If possible, at least once this week, mention that item to the appropriate family member, asking them if they have been praying that prayer yet this week. In addition to everyone’s items, find a candle that can be placed on the table to be used going forward this Lenten Season.

*Extended Activity: As a family create your own candle or decorate the outside of the candle with everyone’s’ names or some saint names or symbols that are meaningful to your family!




In this prayer, each adult will take turns praying in thanksgiving for something specific about each member of the family. They, in turn, will do the same for the adult leading the prayer. Explain the following process to your family members, and let them know that there is nothing they can say that is wrong as long as they are focusing on something positive and kind.

Ask your family to gather around the Sacred Space you have been creating. If it is not easy to gather around it, sit or stand somewhere where that space is still in view. If you would like, hold hands in a circle. Alternatively, sit closely enough that you are touching in some way.

Light the candle on the table.

Make the Sign of the Cross together. Perhaps ask a younger member of the family to start everyone with the Sign of the Cross, allowing them to say “In the name of the Father” first before everyone joins with, “and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Say together (or ask one family member to read):

Father, help us get to know you during this time of prayer.

Take a moment to be still and rest in God’s love for each member of your family. Ask everyone to look around the circle at each family member without saying a word and think about why they are thankful for that person.

Break the silence with the one parent/guardian saying:

Father, thank You for the gift of this family and the blessings You have given us, especially ______ (say aloud a blessing from this week).

Placing hands on each child’s head or hand in turn, the parent/guardian prays this over each family member:

Father, thank You for the gift of ______ (family member’s name, ideally beginning with the children) and the way he/she ___________ (something particularly special about that member of the family).

Ask that child to respond and say:

Father, thank you for the gift of ________ (name of adult) and the way he/she _____________ (something particularly special about that member of the family).

After each adult has an opportunity to move around the circle, pray the following together (or ask one family member to read):

Holy Spirit, come bless and guide our family and help us to understand the gift we are to each other. Amen.

Finish with the Sign of the Cross, asking a younger member of the family to lead. Blow out the candle. Repeat this prayer as often as your family would like throughout Lent but strive to pray this way at least once per week.

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