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Video #11: May 30, 2019

Who is St. Joan of Arc?

Who are the saints of our parishes that we honor and pray to? And, how can we be guided by them? In this NEW video series, we reveal the story and meaning of your church’s patron saint. Through guest interviews, you’ll discover ways to be Guided by Saints in your everyday life.

Join saint expert Alan McCauley, and Fr. Tony Zimmer for insightful conversation about the saints of our parishes and how we can be guided by them.


Video #11: May 30, 2019: Who is St. Joan of Arc?

Hold the cross higher, so I may it see through the flames.

St. Joan of Arc, an illiterate, peasant girl, becomes the patron saint of France. As a teenager, St. Joan leads the French in battle during the Hundred Years’ War because of messages she heard in prayer. Thought to be a witch for hearing these messages, she is condemned to death by being burned at the stake. St. Joan is later exonerated for choosing death rather than renouncing God’s call.

How would you respond to God’s call if that call seemed illogical, or it was challenged by others? Fr. Tony Zimmer and Alan McCauley reflect on how we can learn from the tremendous faith and courage of St. Joan of Arc. 

Join Alan McCauley, local saint expert and theology educator, and Fr. Tony Zimmer of St. Anthony on the Lake in Pewaukee. Together, they’ll explore the powerhouse saint, Joan of Arc.


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