Holy Habits Challenge
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Holy Habits Challenge

What is the Holy Habits Challenge?

The Holy Habits Challenge is a means to teach those who attend weekend Masses at least once a month, and families with children in a Catholic school or religious education program, some of the basic Catholic habits that come to us from the traditions and piety of the Church. 

The goal is to instill daily routines that revolve around prayer, the virtues, and the works of mercy so that the average Catholic can deepen his or her relationship with Christ and with the Church.  The materials are designed to be a challenge that participants agree to do and incorporate into their lives. 


What are the Holy Habits?

There are 8 general habits introduced as part of the Holy Habits Challenge. They are listed below.  But in addition to these very general descriptions, each habit is presented more concretely at three different degrees of difficulty in the challenge:  basic, intermediate, and advanced. 

September:  Labor for the Lord

October:  Make Meals Matter

November:  Make Friends with Saints

December:   Manage Heavenly Riches

January:  Observe No-Frills Fridays

February: Simplify Sunday

March:  Make Amends

April:  Make Time for God


How can we introduce our parishioners and families to the Holy Habits Challenge?


Download the Coordinator’s Manual

The Coordinator’s Manual explains the Holy Habits Challenge and provides detailed instructions.  The manual describes ways the Challenge can be used with the whole parish, with the Sunday Mass community, with families of children in a Christian formation program, or with families with children in a Catholic school.  All the necessary materials are available on this website.

If you decide to implement the Holy Habits Challenge in your parish or school, please inform us


What is the origin of the Holy Habits Challenge?

The Holy Habits Challenge was developed by Father Nathan Reesman, a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  He composed the materials for his thesis project for his D.Min. degree from the University of Saint Mary of the Lake and he piloted the Challenge in the parishes of Saint Frances Cabrini and Saint Mary’s Immaculate Conception in West Bend, Wisconsin.   Father Reesman graciously gave The Holy Habits Challenge materials to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in the hope that other parishes would benefit. The intent of this effort is to help individuals and families grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church through deepening their appreciation and practice of these daily routines, the Holy Habits.



Printable Materials

Permission is granted for use by parishes and Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. 

Download all cards, catechist pages, posters and promotional images below.  Format is PDF unless indicated.  Note that there are a "Monthly" version and a "Non-Monthly" version of materials.  "Monthly" materials include the name of the Month for each Holy Habit.  "Non-Monthly" are identical to the Monthly in content, but do not indicate a particular month for use. There are banner, logo and emoji images at the bottom of this list of materials.

Please inform us if you decide to implement the Holy Habits Challenge in your parish(es) or school(s).  We would like to know that the program is being used.


Monthly Materials

Family Cards

Family Card - September

Family Card - October

Family Card - November

Family Card - December

Family Card - January

Family Card - February

Family Card - March

Family Card - April


Mass Cards

Mass Card - September

Mass Card - October

Mass Card - November

Mass Card - December

Mass Card - January

Mass Card - February

Mass Card - March

Mass Card - April


Catechist/Teacher Quick Guides

Teacher Quick Guide - September

Teacher Quick Guide - October

Teacher Quick Guide - November

Teacher Quick Guide - December

Teacher Quick Guide - January

Teacher Quick Guide - February

Teacher Quick Guide - March

Teacher Quick Guide - April

Teacher Quick Guide - May



Large Monthly Posters for Tri-pod


Non-Monthly Materials


Family Cards

Family Card - Labor

Family Card - Meals

Family Card - Saints

Family Card - Riches

Family Card - Fridays

Family Card - Sundays

Family Card - Amends

Family Card - Time


Mass Cards

Mass Card - Labor

Mass Card - Meals

Mass Card - Saints

Mass Card - Riches

Mass Card - Fridays

Mass Card - Sundays

Mass Card - Amends

Mass Card - Time


Catechist/Teacher Quick Guides

Teacher Quick Guide - Labor

Teacher Quick Guide - Meals

Teacher Quick Guide - Saints

Teacher Quick Guide - Riches

Teacher Quick Guide - Fridays

Teacher Quick Guide - Sundays

Teacher Quick Guide - Amends

Teacher Quick Guide - Time

Teacher Quick Guide – Finish Line



Large Non-Monthly Posters for Tri-pod



Long Banner - Transparent (PNG)

Logo - with 3 icons (JPG)

Logo - title only (JPG)

Emojis - individual images (ZIP)




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