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Mission Education

Mission and Education

Teaching about MissionMany Catholic educators and groups—teachers, DRE’s, youth ministers, human concerns committees, etc.—are finding creative ways to reflect and act on the call to global solidarity and to integrate international concerns into their programs and classes.  World Mission Ministries seeks to assist in this effort by providing a number of ways to help others learn about and participate in their baptismal call to mission and global understanding.

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Mission Education Opportunities and Resources

2011-2012 Mission in Motion Newsletters

2011-2012 Mission in Motion Newsletters

St. Matthias Students Learn about Our Brothers and Sisters in Kenya

Students discover facts about the lives of children in Kenya, including the importance and impact of the availability of clean water.

Students Support Families at the Working Boys Center

First grade classes at St. John Vianney Parish School connect with their sisters and brothers in Ecuador by learning about them, praying for them and collecting much needed funds to help support them.

Wauwatosa Catholic Students Become Advocates of Fair Trade

Fifth grade students learn about the products they use and the people and working conditions that made them.

Prayer for the Family Dinner Table (Monday, October 15)

This activity focuses on students developing a prayer that welcomes all to the table and asks them to pray it at their own dinner table.

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Mission in Motion Newsletter

This is the monthly newsletter for school and parish educators. It provides mission education resources, shares stories of what others are doing, and offers direct opportunities for collaboration between your school or parish and World Mission Ministries.

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Mission Week Materials

In this resource, we provide a different mission activity for each day of the week, all of which focus on our year’s theme of “Setting a Place at the Table: Living Our Missionary Call.”

Our Global Table (Tuesday, October 16)

These activities focus on helping students understand, in a real way, the global realities of hunger.

Mission Education Students

Mission Connection: Stories from Our Students

Read about students learning about and acting on their call to global solidarity and mission.

Our Local Table (Wednesday, October 17)

These activities help students understand the local realities of hunger and its consequences for families in Wisconsin.

Funds For Food (Thursday, October 18)

This activity is about children giving of their own allowance or savings to help buy food for those in need.

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Missionary Childhood Association and Other Resources

Here you can find information about organizations throughout the country, such as the Missionary Childhood Association, which have developed materials to assist educators.

Sharing My Plate at God's Table (Friday, October 19)

In this activity, students design plates that reflect what they have learned about "setting a place at the table for all."

Other Suggestions for Mission Week Activities

These activities may be done at another time or in place of one of the other suggested daily activities.

Previous Mission Week Activities

Click here to see examples of how students in schools and religious education programs throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee took part in Mission Week 2011 activities to foster their mission spirit.

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