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Resources for Parishes

On this page you will find resources for parishes about the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) Appeal process.

Welcome to the Resources for Parishes page, and thank you for your hospitality toward the mission group that is assigned to your parish.  Below you will find resources to help you with the mission appeal process.  As always, if you need assistance or have questions, please call us at 414-758-2280 and we will be happy to assist you.

Update: 2020 Parish MCP Materials

Due to the ongoing global Pandemic, the 2020 MCP Program has been significantly modified to allow for primarily online, digital appeals.  

The explanation of the 2020 process is below, or you can click here for a downloadable version

General Information

The Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) is

  • an annual chance for mission congregations, lay organizations and mission dioceses to personally appeal for prayer and financial support from Catholics of the U.S.
  • an opportunity for parishioners to learn about what is happening in the mission field today. It connects the local church with the global Church and allows us to realize our baptismal call. 

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPOF) Office (part of World Mission Ministries) manages and facilitates these appeals in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

As determined by the Archbishop, all parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are expected to welcome a missionary as part of the MCP each year.

If you are new to the MCP process, or have questions, please click here to read the MCP FAQ document.

Parish Preference Form

In order to ensure a mutually convenient appeal process for parishes and mission groups, before we choose and assign mission groups to parishes, we ask that a parish representative fill out the Parish Preference Form. This gives parishes an opportunity to tell us their unique needs regarding the appeal process. The form also allows for feedback on the previous year's appeal.

Changes for 2020 MCP Process

Dear Pastors, Parish Directors and Administrators, and Parish Staff:

Greetings from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPOF) in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. We want you to know that we are thinking of you, your staff, and your parishioners as we adjust to a new way of being Church. When we are not physically in the office, we remain available by email and are checking voicemail regularly. 

As we face these challenging times, we recognize our interconnection as people of faith; as part of a global, missionary church. We are reminded daily of our responsibility, to our gospel call to care for one another.

 Even as we in the United States face hardships, we are mindful of how dire the situation is in many missionary countries, where poverty is rampant, healthcare is lacking and social distancing may not be possible.  The need for the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) appeals is, perhaps, greater than ever.

Though we know how vital the MCP is at this time, we also acknowledge that there is the uncertainty of travel, the possibility of continued gathering restrictions, limited staff presence and probable financial strain for parishioners.

With this in mind, we want to update you on changes being proposed for our 2020 Missionary Cooperation Plan.  It is our hope that our plan will facilitate an easier and safer process.

Therefore, this year’s MCP Process will be handled as follows:

  • Mission appeals will begin later.
    MCP appeals will begin after July 15th (this start date may be adjusted later if needed).

  • Parishes will have the option of a digital-only appeal. 

    We will ask the assigned mission groups to send us a description and pictures of their work/mission project and a video appeal (if possible). These items will be posted online and a link to the resources will be sent to the parish for sharing with parishioners, in lieu of an in-person appeal. To hopefully reduce parish staff time in processing donation checks, an online donation page will also be created to allow parishioners to donate directly and receive an email receipt.
  • Only locally connected groups will be assigned.  

    Should a parish prefer an in-person appeal from a missionary, they can welcome one, assuming it complies with all archdiocese and government policies regarding visitors and gatherings. To make this possible without knowing the realities of travel, our office will assign only groups with a local presence/connection* in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for the 2020 MCP.  We will also only assign groups that have their own transportation and do not need overnight accommodations. 
*These groups raise funds for an international mission, but the appeal personnel is local to Southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Fewer Mission Groups.

    Conscious of the additional logistical demands of this new form of appeal, and of the reduced financial resources many parishes and parishioners may face, our office will designate a much smaller number of mission groups this year and each mission group will be assigned a larger number of parishes than normal.  

  • Twinning Parish Connections Allowed.

    If your parish has requested to have your twinning parish/project as the recipient of your appeal funds, they will still be assigned as your mission group. However, we ask that you please consider how you might make this appeal if international travel is not advisable or allowed. Having a local twinning committee member or parishioner do the appeal on behalf of the mission group or utilizing distance technology are good options to consider. If you would like our help in this process, please let us know. We will follow-up individually with parishes to learn your plans and how we might assist.

  • Funds Processing and Our Pledge.

    As in previous years, 90% of the funds received from appeals will go to the mission group, and 10% will be retained by the office to cover appeal costs and for emergency needs for missions who cannot do appeals.

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPOF) Office will also make a donation to Pope Francis' COVID-19 Emergency Solidarity Fund on behalf of the archdiocese. This fund is set up to support missionaries around the world who provide vital healthcare, housing, food, and education and will further help those who cannot make appeals due to the pandemic.  Our donation will be guided by prudent discernment with our board stewardship committee.  Our donation will come from funds reserved for extraordinary situations such as we are facing today.  If your parish would like to learn more or contribute please use this link for more information.  Donations can be sent to the office.

We hope these changes will allow these vital mission connections to move forward while respecting the needs of parishes and parishioners.

If you have questions or concerns, please email or contact our director, Dr. Antoinette Mensah, via email at or leave a message at 414-758-2282.  

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