MCP 2020 Group 55 Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region
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MCP 2020 Group 55 Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region

MCP 2020: Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region

On this page you'll find information about Group 55: Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region

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Sunrise Children's Village Students Sunrise Childrens Village Students
Sunrise Children's Village Students 2 Sunrise Childrens Village Students 2
Sunrise Children's Village Classroom Sunrise Childrens Village Classroom
Sunrise Children's Village Tree Planting Sunrise Childrens Village Tree Planting
Sunrise Children's Village Sports Sunrise Childrens Village Students Sports

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We now offer a secure, online system to process your MCP donation. To donate by credit card or check to the MCP appeal for Group 55: Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region, click here. 

If you prefer to donate at Mass or through your parish, please make your check payable to your parish and mark the memo MCP Group 55. Please contact your parish office directly to inquire how to turn in your check. 


Mission Appeal Text

Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA Region
Group 55, Missionary Cooperation Plan 2020

Schoenstatt is a place but also a movement with the mission of forming new persons and a new community. We work toward achieving this goal with a special personal educational piety and devotion to the Blessed Mother, known as the covenant of love.  We the Schoenstatt Fathers India MTA region work in Tamilnadu, southeast India in parishes.

Children’s Village (orphanage): While working in India the social setting and conditions require a special attention and therefore, we built an orphanage in 2005 just after a tsunami, with a special emphasis on love, belonging and atmosphere of home. It is not a dormitory system but a home where each home has a mother who takes care of 5 to 8 Children. The sunrise children’s village also has a social worker and a priest to assist the mother and children in their formation.

Tuition Centers: We also help children who are not able to do their homework due lack of atmosphere at home. We hire a teacher who would help and look after them in the evening hours to complete their studies.

Self-education through special devotion to the Blessed Mother is the special intention and interest of our founder Fr. Joseph Kentenich, who lived here in Milwaukee for over 14 years. Our special attachment and devotion to a place, shrine, person of the Blessed Mother through the covenant helps us to form ourselves a new to do everything in love, through love, for love, and with love. Our Schoenstatt members renew the covenant with the blessed mother and search for social action as they did in the midst of corona crisis time by reaching out to the needy.

With the threefold goal, social, educational, spiritual, we wish to serve the people in Tamilnadu, India.

Thank you for generous help and I wish you an abundance of blessings.

United in the mission,
Fr. Pushpa Antonysamy

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